Let's support our alma mater - Dr. Susu Kwawukume to St. Theresa Old Students

Dr. Susu Bridget Kwawukume.jpeg Dr. Susu Bridget Kwawukume

Sat, 14 May 2022 Source: GNA

The Co-founder of Family Health University College, and Chief Medical Director of Family Health Hospital opposite Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre., Dr. Susu Bridget Kwawukume has appealed to Old Students of St. Theresa School at Awudome to come and support their Alma Mater (St. Theresa School).

She made these remarks when speaking as a Chairperson during the launch of the 60th Anniversary ceremony of St. Theresa School at Awudome in Accra.

The term for the 60th Anniversary theme is, "60th Years of Quality Education, The Way Forward".

Dr. Susu Bridget Kwawukume happens to be among the Old Student of 1966 Group of St. Theresa School, thank the organizers for a great work done.

She emphasized on the theme saying, St. Theresa School has offered quality education to many people who are now occupying top positions in the country.

Dr. Susu however, entreated the school management to continue to protect the integrity of the school.

She called on all Old students both home and abroad to come and support as the school, prepares to celebrate it's 60th Anniversary.

The school library Dr. Susu indicated, needed refurbishment to make it attractive and competitive likewise, to complete the Assembly Hall for use.

She also appealed for support towards the purchase of a bus to help ease their movements and urged all Old Students to remember where they started.

The Special Gust of Honour and Metropolitan Bishop of Accra, Most Rev. John Bonaventure Kwofie, praised the school for producing a lot of personalities whose contribution is making the country to move in the right direction.

He re-echo the need for the school to work with integrity all the time and called on the Old Students to give back to the school.

The Anniversary Planning Committee Chairman, Mr. Henery Daniel Quist on behalf of the other members, assured of their commitment and preparedness to organize a successful 60 years Anniversary.

In September 1962, Fr. Al. Turbek and Sister Francetta opened St. Theresa’s Preparatory School in two (2) newly built classrooms, located at what later became known as AWUDOME ROUNDABOUT. In the course of the same year a third room was added to the same building.

In August 1963, work was started on the second block of three (3) classrooms –concrete foundation and floor, supported by a wooden structure above. In that same year, an announcement was made during that year’s Harvest of the Holy Family Parish – Mataheko, to parishioners living within Kaneshie and its surrounding areas to start a new parish on the site of the then St. Theresa’s School. Kaneshie was at that time, considered an outstation of the Mataheko Parish, which in turn was part of the original Sacred Heart Parish at Derby Avenue.

It was, however, a second announcement however that prompted the late Mr. William Luke Laast to take a decision on the call of creating a new parish. Mr. Willie Laast called a meeting at which the following persons were present; Mrs. Frances Sallah (Mama Miedoafe II), Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Addei, the late Mrs. Marian Wood and her sisters Mrs. Florence Dyson, Mrs. Catherine Ankomah-Sey, the late Mrs. Elizabeth Maison, Mrs. Florence Laast, the late Mrs. Rose Painstil, the late Mrs. Doris Cooke and a few others. At this meeting, Mr. Willie Laast had to gather all his wits to convince them to come down to the then St. Theresa School and build a “Mini Cathedral” that would be more beautiful than the Holy Family Chapel which they had contributed to putting up.

Only gradually did a Catholic congregation become associated with the location at Awudome Circle, when occasionally a priest from Mataheko would come for Sunday Mass which was held in the evening in the beginning. The first structure with open-ended classrooms (an old chapel) was used as a church. Visiting priests also came to Kaneshie through the special arrangement of Mr. Willie Laast.

Although a register had not been put in place the following were some of the founding members of St. Theresa Parish.

Source: GNA