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Lydia Forson calls out govt for creating unnecessary tension over SIM card re-registration

Outspoken Ghanaian actress and social activist, Lydia Forson, has lashed out at the government for creating unnecessary fear and panic among the public when it threatened to block sim cards on August 1st, 2022.

According to the actress, it was uncalled for, for the government to look on unconcerned while Ghanaians in a state of frustration and panic joined long queues to register their sim cards again with the Ghana Card when the government had plans to extend the registration process by a month and knowing very well of its plans to introduce a mobile application for the same purpose.

“You waited at the very last minute, watching people panic,in despair and frustrated in long queues to announce an extension you knew full well you were going to give; and an app( for GH5) you already had in motion. No one can tell me this wasn’t the plan all along,” parts of Lydia Forson’s tweet read.

Lydia Forson accused the government and state officials of being insensitive to the discomfort and troubles Ghanaians are made to endure for basic documents like Ghana Card, Voters ID and many others.

She wrote, “Do the people in power understand the suffering and inhuman treatment they subject us to for the most basic things? Voter’s registration. Ghana card registration. And SIM card registration.”

Lydia Forson believes that politicians will only understand the plight of ordinary Ghanaians when they go through the same conditions and treatment for similar services.

“Maybe officials should be made to sit in line like the rest of us so they can get it.”

The actress says until every Ghanaian is provided a Ghana Card, it would be unfair for the government to block the sim cards of Ghanaians who are yet to register their sim with the Ghana Card.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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