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MPs for JM 2020: No one was tricked into signing – Bawa

National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP for Bongo, Edward Bawa, has stated that no member of parliament was tricked into signing a document that showing their endorsement of John Mahama to lead the party into the 2020 elections.

On Citi TV’s Breakfast Daily, Mr. Bawa said, “The whole impression being created that people were tricked into signing is untrue. If you look at the caption of the form, it is stated clearly, ‘Members of Parliament for John Mahama 2020.’”

He also indicated that the form that was used to gather the signatures of the NDC MPs was from his office.

“That document was generated by my office; we started gathering the signatures and it was not meant to go out. That’s why the Daily Post did not source it to anyone. It was not supposed to show disrespect to the party’s guidelines and regulations. But it’s out there and no one can pretend that people in other groups are organizing themselves too,” he said.


“It’s also not true that people were blackmailed. You can only blackmail someone if you have power over them or you have something to use against them. I’ve just been in parliament for about a year and seven months. How on earth can I blackmail another member like Emmanuel Agyarko? He has more experience than me in Parliament.”

94 NDC MPs endorse Mahama for Election 2020 – Nii Lante

Edward Bawa’s comments come after the MP for the Odododiodoo, Nii Lante Vanderpuye, said that 94 NDC members of Parliament, out of the 106, had endorsed John Dramani Mahama to lead the party into the 2020 elections.

“I can tell you that we have 94 MPs who have faithfully and critically endorsed our former President, John Mahama, to be the candidate once again. This excludes our leaders. We decided to keep them off, but we are sure all our leaders will be supporting us soon,” he said.


“The grassroots of this country, the majority of Ghanaians are crying for John Dramani and as such it will be wicked on our part not to listen to the plea and cries of Ghanaians by giving them who they prefer. So we are bringing back John Dramani Mahama and we are very sure in our minds that Ghanaians will this time accept him and overwhelmingly vote for him to become the next president of Ghana in 2021.”

Produce list of NDC MPs who endorsed Mahama – Namoale

A former NDC MP and supporter of Joshua Alabi, Nii Amasah Namoale, however called into question the existence of the list and asked that it be made public to ascertain its authenticity.

“They should publish the names of those MPs because I’m hearing some MPs are denying that they have not signed anything yet their names are on the lists,” he stated.


“Some people are saying and are calling to tell us that they are not part of it but they found their names on it.”

I was deceived; I thought Mahama’s endorsement was attendance register – Joseph Naabu

The MP Yunyoo, Joseph Bipoba Naabu, has also said that he thought the form for endorsing John Mahama was an attendance sheet to check absenteeism in Parliament.

“JM boys perpetuated a fraud on me,” he said on Asempa FM in Accra.


“I was very furious because they deceived me into signing something I don’t believe in. I have endorsed Alban Bagbin and I believe he is the right person to lead the NDC in 2020.”

Endorsements are unnecessary – Richard Quarshigah

The MP for Keta, Richard, has also described the back and forth as unnecessary, that it is up to the party’s supporters to choose who they want to lead them.

“I don’t find such signatures extremely necessary. It is mostly unnecessary, after all, if somebody wants to be a flagbearer of the NDC, the rank and file of the NDC will determine how.”

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