General News Wed, 9 May 2018

Mahama gets Outstanding Christian Leadership Award from New York Assemblies of God

The New York Ministers Network of the Assemblies of God Church on Tuesday recognized former President John Dramani Mahama with the Superintendent’s Award for Outstanding Christian Leadership.

A citation from the Superintendent of the New York Ministers Network of the Assemblies of God Church, Dr. Duane Durst, recognized President Mahama for his exemplary achievements in presidential office, acknowledging “the great achievements in the nation of Ghana and West Africa due to his commitment as a servant-leader to build a just, prosperous and technologically developed nation for the people of Ghana.”

Mr. Mahama is recognized as the first member of the Assemblies of God Church worldwide to rise to the highest office of President, and according to the Church, he did not only fulfill his duties of leadership with high integrity and deep humility, but also a “bold declaration of his faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

Mr. Mahama, who was a Special Guest at the 64th Conference of the Network in Amityville, Long Island in New York, thanked the Church for the award, emphasizing that the Church has over the years guided and provided him with the strength to carry out his activities.

“The church has been supportive all through, especially after my electoral loss in 2016”, President Mahama told the Conference.

He also thanked the New York Ministers Network for the invitation to share his perspectives of leadership with the Church, and recalled the centennial celebration of the Assemblies of God Church in Missouri in 2014, to which he was also invited as a Special Guest.

Source: citinewsroom.com