General News Thu, 30 Jun 2016

Mahama has provided enough jobs for Ghanaians – NDC

The Northern Regional branch of the National Democratic Congress has said the Mahama government has provided enough jobs and projects to improve the lives of the people in the Northern part of Ghana.

Various opposition parties with branches in the North held a joint press conference on Wednesday where they gave the government a one week ultimatum to ensure a significant reduction in the cost of power.

The group threatened to demonstrate against the government if their demand is not met.

The parties claimed many local businesses have collapsed as a result of killer power tariffs.


However, the Northern Regional Communication Director of the NDC, Abdul Moomin Alhassan, refuted the claims, saying the NDC government has created more jobs in the North, including a private public partnership arrangement to set up a rice milling plant in the region.

Even though the NDC Communications Director admitted the call for a reduction in utility prices might be genuine, he said the group erred in directing their complaints to the President becasue“they know it is not the responsibility of the president to reduce prices.”

He accused the political parties of running out of campaign messages, hence the threat.

“This is just an issue to say that because they have no campaign issue, they are just trying to survive, he said, adding, “the issue of electricity is legitimate, but it should be directed at the right quarters. For them to call on the president to intervene, I think they know so well the PURC has the right to go into the issue of price hikes, not the president. We think it is the bogus press conference”.

Source: citifmonline.com