Man abandons home over homosexual accusations

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Mon, 1 Aug 2022 Source: ghanaguardian.com

Osman Ayamba, a 38-year-old resident of Kotobabi, Accra has been forced to go into hiding following incessant accusations and threats that he is gay.

When Ayamba attended a party in James Town, also in Accra apparently organized by a group of well-acclaimed homosexuals last month, he did not see any reason not to join in the merrymaking as lots of videos were captured and shared on social media.

After seeing some of the videos, his own friends and people he prayed together with at the Mosque ganged up and attacked him the next day he went to pray.

According to them, one of his friends already complained that Ayamba was hitting his butt some few days before, so seeing him in the video with the tagged gays confirmed their suspicions. They warned him never to step foot in the worship place again, and they have ensured it.

“What shocked me most is that people I have known all my life closed their eyes and beat me up mercilessly just because I was seen in a video partying with so-called suspected gays,” he explained.

That wasn’t all, Ayamba kept being attacked even at home or if he goes to the neighborhood park to play football. The harassment continued for a long time and he had no choice than to abandon his father’s house where he had stayed all his life.

Worse, as the community people desperately sought Osman Ayamba to beat him, they got a hint that his closest sister might know his whereabouts. They chased her while she rode on the back of a motorbike and as a result, she fell off the bike. She had to be rushed to the hospital where the doctor revealed that she had had a miscarriage, losing her five months old pregnancy. As well, the constant threats to Ayamba's mother caused the sudden death of his mother, even as he even fled.

“Right now I’ve been forced to leave the house I’ve lived all my life because my family were also being persecuted and I have lost my mum. I don’t have money to rent a new place but I can’t go back to my house and it’s really affecting my whole being. If not an old school mate who lives faraway from my community who has been sheltering me, I don't know how I could survive. It’s very bad,” Osman Ayamba wailed.

"Since the government is planning to make the anti-LGBQT law, they must also make one that can protect innocent people who are attacked so that one can go and report any attackers to the Police," he pleaded.

Source: ghanaguardian.com