Man fights bakery house over increment in bread price

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Fri, 8 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• There has been an increment in price of bread

• A buyer expresses fury over the development

• He describes the increment as unfair

A man has been sighted in a video complaining bitterly about an increment in the selling price of bread.

Recorded at one of the branches of popular bakery house 'Hot Oven', the man who appears undelighted about the price increase is heard confronting some employees of the bakery over the matter.

To him, the increment in the price of bread from GH¢6 to GH¢7 is unfair as this appears to be the second time such is happening within the year.

This was after he had paid GH¢10 for a loaf of bread and was given a balance of GH¢3 instead of GH¢4 he was expecting.

“You gave me GH¢3, when did you increase the price again? Was it not this same year that you increased the price to GH¢6?” he questioned.

The banter that ensued between the man and the employees over the price attracted public attention and he seized the opportunity to explain his disappointment.

“I am making a point that just this very year I bought bread at GH¢5, later they said GH¢. Now they are saying GH¢7. They are also saying that it’s not their fault. Is it my fault?" he quizzed.

After it was clarified to him that the situation could be resultant of the recent increase in fuel prices, the man furiously responded with “I came to buy bread and you are talking about fuel.”

The man who was identified by one of the witnesses in the video later pleaded to be given GH¢1 in addition to his GH¢3 balance but his plea fell on deaf ears.

The “poor” man was left with no option than to leave the bakery with his GH¢7 worth of bread in hand.

Watch video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com