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Marginalisation of Fulanis in Ghana, a national security threat – Jatikay Centre

Adib Saani 32 Executive Director, Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace Building, Adib Saani

Tue, 19 Apr 2022 Source:

Jatikay Centre says Fulanis have been subjected to violence for years

Not a single person has been arrested days after the killing of 9 Fulanis in Yendi – Centre

Govt must intervene before attacks on Fulanis turn into a conflict – Jatikay Centre

Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace Building has bemoaned what it describes as the continuous attack on Fulani communities in Ghana and the inability of the security apparatus to address this violence.

According to the centre, the inability of the police to take action against the perpetrators poses a major national security threat to the country.

In a statement by its executive director, Adib Saani, the centre noted that Ghana Police Service have failed to take action after 9 Fulanis were killed at Zakoli, a suburb of Yendi, by a mod numbering about 100 people.

“We are shocked by the inability of the Ghana Police Service to arrest a single suspect days after the incident. Not even a statement has been issued by the police in respect of the crime. Jatikay Centre has had the opportunity to interview some leaders of the Fulani Community in Ghana and they appear to be having a hectic job appealing to their fellows to remain calm.

“When Fulanis stage revenge attacks, it could start a full-blown conflict. Already, many human insecurities have pushed a lot of young people in the area into uncertainty. Any trigger can cause these young people to explode into open belligerence as they already do not have much to live for,” the statement read.

It added that this recent attack in Yendi forms part of ethnically-based violence Fulani communities have suffered for years in Ghana.

“In Gushegu in 2014, 14 Fulanis were killed and their houses burned. In Gulumpe and Babato, 25 Fulanis were also killed. In 2019, in Baguruguinthe Northern Region, 68 homes belonging to Fulanis were destroyed. In 2021 alone, Fulanis in Chamba in the Nanumba North District were attacked and their cows, numbering about 500, were killed, among several other incidents,” the statement added.

The centre, therefore, urged the government to take proactive steps to curb the violence and protect minorities groups in Ghana, including Fulanis.

Read the full statement from the centre below:

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