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Match-fixing scandal: Dreams FC’s Abel Manomey backs embattled Inter Allies star

Dreams FC midfielder, Abel Manomey has revealed that he would have done the same as the beleaguered Inter Allies player, Hashmin Musah did after he scored two dubious own goals in the 7-0 drubbing of Inter Allies by Ashanti.

The game, which has been a subject of a suspected high-profile match-fixing scandal has attracted various degrees of commentaries in the local and international media landscape in the last couple of days.

Speaking on the subject in an interview with Solar FM on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, Abel Manomey urged football pundits not to be quick in judging the actions of Hashmin Musah, who he commended for his actions.

“Journalists and other football analysts are too quick to judge local-based footballers but if I tell you what the local-based footballer goes through before going out to play matches, only God knows it. We shouldn’t be in a haste to judge or pre-judge local-based footballers no matter what might have happened. Let’s try to get two sides of the story before we conclude on issues”, he pleaded.

“The local-based footballers go through a lot but on the field of play, they don’t think only about themselves but they do think about their families and the communities back home, that they represent and pray that they catch the eye of people and get better opportunities and so the local-based player is too intelligent to mess up”, he stressed.

He further suggested that a careful look at what Hashmin points to no wrongdoing and hinted that he would have done the same if he were in Hashmin’s shoes.

“Let us critically go through what happened and you would realise that the player (Hashmin Musah) did nothing wrong. I am being truthful”, he opined.

“He has come out to say what he heard and if I were Hashmi, I would have done same. If I were in Hashmin’s shoes and heard what he heard….why should we condone betting? Gambling is a sin, so why should we accept it? I support what Hashmin did. We shouldn’t be quick to judge because there are two sides to every coin. This Hashmin story, let’s find out whether there was anything like that”, he added.

The University of Education, Winneba graduate also added he would be surprised if Hashmin is banned.

“Let’s take time to analyze this Hashmin story and see whether there was something like that before we condemn him. I will be surprised if Hashmin is banned because of his action. He hasn’t done anything bad. Why should we bet whilst players are out there struggling?”, he quizzed.

“It’s not easy to run throughout without stopping for 34 games in the season only to sell matches because a club is getting relegated and for someone to make money out of that? I support him and would have repeated what he did if I were in his shoes”, he fumed.

Abel Manomey has just 12 months left on his current contract with Dawu-based Dreams FC.

Source: footballmadeinghana.com
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