Meet George Antwi, the man doing amazing things with plantain

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Wed, 27 Oct 2021 Source: Selina Martey, Contributor

George Antwi, a teacher in a remote village, Bayerebon No 5 in the Amansie South District is doing well with producing lots of products from the root of the plantain to the plantain itself.

Ghana, they say is a blessed land as we are rich in agriculture. Plantain one of the common fruits in Ghana is known to have lots of benefits. Taking us back to the olden days when we use to rely on plantain branches in brushing our teeth’s, we all attest to how safe and reliable it was.

In this article, you will be amazed at how a young teacher based in the Ashanti Region of Ghana is being able to process plantain in different amazing kinds of stuff.

George Antwi shares his story with Emmanuel Agyemang of Obibinitv/Step1 tv on all the products he can make out of plantain, from the root to the flower. He has 4 categories of products, food, medicine, soap and distillery. Each product is being made out of a part of the plantain plant.

Starting with the food, he uses fresh plantain for the making of pizza, fairly ripped plantain for cake and puff loaf, he processes dehydrated plantain into flour and make porridge (koko plantano) and bread out of it.

Moving on to the soap, he has four types of soaps. The one made with fairly ripped plantain peel, the one made with the fairly ripped plantain food itself, the one made with the dried plantain peels, the one made with the fresh plantain peels and lastly, he has a shower gel made from the plantain leaves.

George Antwi is doing amazing as he produces medicine that is used to cure kidney stones, ulcers, diabetic patients and prostrate enlargement all from the fiber of the plantain.

This last product will surprise you as George makes apeteshie (dry gin) out of plantain of which he calls planpete.

This young man is doing so well and has more products in mind to come up with but as at now he needs investors to help invest in this brilliant talent and with this he has the concept of helping to curb the unemployment rate as he would need people to work with. Currently, a Cameroonian wants to invest in it but George wants Ghanaians to be in charge of this lovely idea.

Source: Selina Martey, Contributor