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Meet the pastor who is Ghana’s most-viewed live streamer

Pastor Elvis Agyemang leads the Alpha Hour prayers

Tue, 12 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

'Alpharians' take atheist to the cleaners

Pastor Elvis Agyemang leads Alpha Hour prayers

Alpha Hour records over 43,500 concurrent on Facebook

The conversations that have surrounded his undoubtedly most-talked-about midnight prayers in recent weeks may have contributed in one way or another to this towering feat that he has chalked.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang, the Senior Pastor and Founder of Grace Mountain Ministries at Ofankor in Accra, has become the country’s leader for live streams, taking over multiple online platforms anytime he and his members get online for their daily (except Sundays) Alpha Hour prayers.

Alpha Hour is an intensive one-hour prayer session that has gradually but intensely taken over major headlines, with many across the world tagging along with it.

Like a breath of fresh air, the movement has flourished in a way that has become quite difficult for people to even deny its existence, and more so, its widespread influence on the lives of thousands, if not millions.

For instance, on Thursday, June 2, 2022, Pastor Elvis posted these figures from the dawn prayers: over 43,500 concurrent on Facebook, 10,000 on YouTube, 1000 participants on Zoom, and 1,132 on Instagram, among others.

The above figure only paints a picture of how large and far-reaching these dawn prayers have gone.

With the above figures, Pastor Elvis becomes a title holder, with the bragging rights of having the most concurrent views with over 50,000 views at its peak for what he does

The revival that has been accompanying the Alpha Hour sessions has also birthed countless testimonies and miracles.

While this young ministry has been gaining such deep inroads online, not so many people have been happy about the movement.

Earlier, GhanaWeb reported on how a Facebook user with the name, Fiifi Bright, who is a sworn “evangelical atheist,” decided to register his displeasure with what he described as a “new cult” and the hunger for “especially the women” for these kinds of movements.

And so, he wrote:

“Christians are always "hungry" and in search for a new cult leader, most especially the women. This "hunger" can be akin to someone who happens to be high on some form narcotic drug, they just can't stop their impulsive cravings.

The new kid on the block is ALPHA HOUR and you see them exhibiting the exact same symptoms they did to the one that came before this one, we've seen same when the likes of Heward Mills, Otabil, Apraku my daughter, Salifu Amoako, Angel Obinim, Obofuor, Jesus Abrantie and the rest also emerged from nowhere and the flock of sheep that rallied behind them.

You'll think until this gentleman appeared onto the scene all those that are thronging him today weren't Christians or didn't have a place of worship or a pastor figure... but then again as I earlier mentioned he's the new kid on the block and is enjoying all the attention and the benefits that comes with it.


Religion to a certain degree can be likened to some form of m3ntal !llness, those who happen to be infected by it see nothing wrong with their actions, regardless of the fact that they're repeating the same old cycle and making zero benefits from it. Every now and then, there'll be a concocted supposed miracle that a member claims to have received or benefited from the sleepless nights of wasting their data watching this man during his midnight fb live sessions, just to keep the others motivated to keep on making a fool of themselves and stringing them along.

Kristosom de3 mese just like abosomsom 3y3 nkwasias3m paaa...

I am an evangelical atheist

But it appeared FiiFi Bright, who had severally in the past made many ill comments and accused people of the Christian flock of hypocrisy and the like, had just stepped on the wrong toes.

And like they would when the hour strikes for their midnight prayers, ‘Alpharians’ flooded the comment section of the post and did for themselves what was a long, unending defence of their ‘alpha.’

In the end, there were nearly a thousand comments directly under Fiifi’s post, with one thing being clear: they do not countenance being attacked for freely making choices for how to worship, pray or use their monies.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang currently hosts about four services during his Sunday church services at the Grace Mountain Ministry.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com