LifeStyle Wed, 28 Jul 2021

Men advised not to hold back their moans during sex

•Men have been asked not to hesitate anytime they feel like moaning during sex

•According to the actress, women equally love it when men moan during sex

•She disclosed that women draw satisfaction from hearing their men moan

A popular fashion designer and actress Amma Serwah has asked men not to hold back anytime they feel like moaning during sexual intercourse as women love to hear it.

According to her, a lot of men have the perception that moaning during sex makes them vulnerable and as such, they shy away from that during sex.

But speaking on eTV’s adult show monitored by GhanaWeb, the actress disclosed that just like men, women also love to hear their men moan as it triggers them to do more.

“To the men, please I am begging you in the name of God, don’t hold your moan. Moan for us. There’s nothing nicer than hearing your man moan when you’re sucking his d*ck. Even if he’s not touching you, you will get wet just from hearing him moan”, she said.

“When you’re about to have sex with a lady and you moan f*ck under your breath while penetrating, if she is already wet, she will get ten times wetter just by hearing or knowing that you’re enjoying it too. It is not only for women to moan so please don’t hold back your moans”, She added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com