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Mills' Cabinet Out End Of January

President J.E.A. Mills has given the assurance that his Cabinet will be ready by the end of this month to ensure the effective running of government business.

He explained that the delay in naming his Cabinet was to ensure that decisions were taken in a careful and orderly manner, and noted that the nation was endowed with quality human resource. He urged critics to give him time to sort out his team.

Speaking to the Ghanaian media on a number of issues after the Extraordinary Summit of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, last Saturday, President Mills said, "Ghana is rich in human resource; mine will only be to confirm such people."

The Heads of State were in Abuja to consider certain issues germane to the situation in Guinea-Bissau and also to deliberate on the political crisis in Guinea.

President Mills said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government did not lack human resource when it was in opposition during the last eight years, and wondered how it would not have people of value and integrity to manage the country this time.

On his travels, President Mills reiterated his conviction to travel only when it was necessary, explaining that his visit to Abuja was for various reasons: To thank ECOWAS for its role in Ghana’s elections," its heavy presence at the inauguration ceremony, to be introduced as the new member of the organisation and to join his counterparts to deliberate on the Guinean issue.

He commended ECOWAS for its commitment to the principles of democracy and the rule of law, and also its rejection of unconstitutional means to hold power in line with its protocols and relevant African Union (AU) instruments.

On internal security, President Mills reaffirmed his resolve to ensure security for all who live in Ghana stressing that "we are getting out security together to ensure a peaceful 'and safe society".

Meanwhile, President Mills has announced that he will move to the Osu Castle tomorrow, Tuesday, January 13, until work on the Jubilee House is completed.

Since assuming office last Wednesday, the President has been using the Accra International Conference Centre (AlCC) as his temporary office, but government sources told the Daily Graphic at the weekend that the President had decided to move into the Osu Castle on Tuesday, because the AICC was not a suitable alternative.

The source said the structures at the AICC were not conducive for government business, and since the Jubilee House was not ready, the President had opted for the Castle.

Experts say the remaining work at the Jubilee House could take up to a year.

In 2005, there was a debate over whether the Osu Castle should continue to be used as the seat of government, due to its previous association with slavery and also because the facilities there were inadequate.

The government source, however, claimed that in its current state, the Castle was in a far-better condition to enhance the work of the President than the AICC, which was initially allotted for the enhancement of the work of the transition teams.

The Castle has many facilities that are unavailable at the Conference Centre for the use of employees. Some of the facilities are a clinic, internet cafe, shopping centre and post office. It also accommodates a permanent garrison.

Source: Daily Graphic
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