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Mills’ magical prowess on display – Baba Jamal.

Mills looked at the floods he had to cross by canoe. He lifted his face to the heavens and prayed to God to be merciful. He said: “Nyame, hu yen mmobo”. In a short while, God responded favourably. Nsuo ataa ho one week; in less than 24 hours, the flood receded.

Yes, I agree entirely with the okro-mouthed Baba Jamal. Indeed, the President’s magical prowess was manifested at Atiwa. But what our misinformation Deputy Minister deliberately refused to tell us was that the President, at the time he looked up to the Heavens, was fondling his juju ring and reciting some incantation. The words, “Awurade Hu yen mmobo” were the direct antithesis of what the President was uttering. The words which were uttered by our President were monosyllabic and unintelligible and so could not have been heard by Baba Jamal. Yes, the President is a magician. No doubt about that! But, after a deeper reflection, one comes to a conclusion that what the President did on that day is what Anago people refer to as “ojuro”, which is similar to the so-called miracles performed by the likes of Obinim and Jesus One Touch. May I ask the Jihadist, Baba Jamal, what is so special about the water receding twenty four hours after the President had crossed it? Moses used his rod to strike the Red Sea and immediately, the Sea parted into two to allow the Israelites easy passage. When he was told to speak to the Rock so that water would come out of it for the Israelites to drink, Moses used his rod to strike the rock. Even though God was displeased, water gushed out of it for the Israelites to drink. In the case of Elijah, he prayed and immediately, fire came down from Heaven to consume the sacrifice. There was no time lapse between the two events. And so ‘the Jihadist’s logic is flawed.

If Baba Jamal is on top of events at his ministry, he should have realized that it did not take days for the Rivers to flood their banks. Perhaps his mind was so much beclouded with thoughts of how to contain the ever increasing popularity of ‘omama ho ye ahi’ (Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo) that he forget to check on his facts before coming out like John Abu Jinapor did to confuse Ghanaians with his illogical theories. He should go and ask Mallam Issah, the person I am told he has put in charge of his illegal galamsey concessions at my holy village, Abomoso how both Rivers Birim and Nkyenkyem overflowed their banks. The people would tell you it took them less than two hours when they were first told that both rivers were “acting strangely”.

My advice to Jihadist, Baba Jamal is to keep his okro mouth shut and concentrate on what he knows best- deceiving the people. His day of reckoning will soon come. Infact, it will be earlier than he expects. On that day, there will be no hiding place for him. Even those he has given shelter to, like Yaw Dankwa, that notorious founder of Church of Satan at Akwatia, who was seen openly firing a pistol in blood day-light during the run-off election in six polling stations at Akwatia will not come to his assistance. In fact, what the ‘jihadist’ succeeded in doing was to tell the entire nation that our President, Professor John Evans, Fiifi Atta Mills, alias “Baba Go Slow”, aka “Professor Do Little” is a magician. John Kumah’s allegation against the President: A very serious allegation has been made against our “Dzi wo fie asem” President. That “there is only one President” slept in the same room with one of his Aides. The President’s name sake, John Kumah claimed that information was given to him by members of FONKAR during their titanic ‘battle’ with GAME in the run-up to their congress at Sunyani. But instead of interrogating the issues contained in the allegations, the trainers of hypocritical Mills which is made up of venomous vipers and snarling snakes, vicious wolves and rabid dogs, ugly vultures and demented cows started their war cries: “attack him!, beat him!!, lynch him!!!, destroy him!!!!, kill him!!!!!”. They went on rampage and within minutes all hell was let loose. The poor innocent soul was bundled into waiting van from the fm radio station where he was one of the discussants and sent to one of the BNI offices. This reminds me of a similar treatment given to one poor soul at Akwatia whose only crime was to refuse to shake the outstretched hand of the “jihadist’ Baba Jamal.

But two or three days later, one NDC MP appeared to have given a hint that there was an iota of truth in the allegation. He said it during the newspaper’s review segment on one of the Networks. He said there was nothing wrong with the President and his Senior Aide sharing the same room. He said the President might need to work on some files or discuss certain issues affecting the State appears to have died a natural death. But we cannot let it go just like that. There are more questions than answers and the onus lies on the President to come clean on the matter. An allegation has been made against the President – that he slept or has been sleeping in the same room with one of his staff. Is it true? The NDC should not think that because Mills is the President, nobody has got the right to bring an issue to the public domain if he misconducts himself. No, it will never be.

I will give instances of countries where serious and damning allegations were made against sitting Heads of State and the Security Services went into those allegations. In all these countries, The Heavens did not fall. And so shall it be in Mills case.

But two or three days later, One NDC MP attempted to exculpate the President from blame, but rather ended up given credence to the fact that, indeed, there could be an iota of truth in the allegation. He said it on air during the newspaper review segment o one of the networks. He said there are at times that for the sake of Ghana, the President might take home some files home to work on during the night or discuss State matters of importance and might need his Aide to be present. To him sharing the same room with his Special adviser is normal and so he sees nothing wrong with it. But then the question is: what about his Chief of Staff?

President Bill Clinton: A very serious allegation was made against the President by one Linda Tripp, a co-worker of Monica Lewinsky, an intern at the White House. Monica had an affair with the President and told her friend, Linda about it. The “old hag” perhaps jealous about the good luck of the youngster made a recording of all the conversations she had with Monica and then released it to the public. The President men did not go “hunting for” Monica or the old hag. Rather, they allowed the Rule of Law to prevail. The President admitted an “inappropriate relationship” and was quickly impeached by the House of Representatives. He was acquitted after a trial by the U.S.Senate If it is indeed true that the President did share the same room with one of his staff then, he should admit to “an inappropriate relationship” After all, Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.

President John Agyekum Kufuor. Yes, the Nefarious Demonic/Destructive Cancer came up with the ridiculous allegations that the then President Kufuor had an affair with one Gizelle Yazji which resulted in the birth of twins, They said they were bringing her down to Ghana with the twins to corroborate the story. They alleged that Kufuor’s security apparatus had made it impossible for the woman to be given a visa to Ghana. Now that they are in power, what prevents the nefarious contraption to give the woman a safe passage to the country? I am throwing an open challenge to these doomsday prophets. If they are true sons of their fathers with two balls dangling between their legs, they should bring the woman and the twins down to Ghana within two weeks. If they fail to do that, then they should consider themselves bastards and satanic agents. Israeli President to face Rape Charges: This was a BBC special report which was reported in ‘The Statesman’ of Monday, October 16, 2006. “Israeli Police believe there is enough evidence to charge President Moshie Katsav with rape and wire-tapping”, a police statement has said. The recommendation came at a meeting between Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and the Police who have been investigating allegations against Mr. Katsav. Mr. Mazuz will have the final say on whether Mr. Katsav should face charges. Mr. Katsav denies claims that he forced two female employees to have sex with him, and all other allegations. “There is sufficient evidence indicating that in several cases, the President carried out acts of rape, forced sexual acts, without consent and sexual harassment”, the Police statement said.

Larry Craig Toilet – Tourist Site: The Democrat issue 106 (Thursday, 20th Sept, 2007 – Monday 24th Sept.2007). “The Minneapolis Airport toilet where U.S. Senator Larry Craig was arrested for allegedly soliciting gay sex is now attracting tourist, say airport staff. The Politician, who has a record of hostility to gay rights and is a married father of three, insists he is not homosexual”. Indeed, it is true that not all that glitters that is Gold. Jacob Zumah of South Africa: At the time he was alleged to have raped an Aids victim girl-friend of his daughter, Jacob Zumah was Vice President of the country. He did not use state apparatus to silence women advocates who were in solidarity with the victim. The laws of the land were allowed to take their natural course until the case was disposed of and the Vice President set free. Chief Matthew Aremu Okikiade Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria. The President’s own son accused his father, Chief Obasanjo of having carnal knowledge of his (son’s) wife. The Heavens did not fall.

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. And so, we expect similar things it to happen in Mills case. An allegation has been made against the President – that he slept or has been sleeping in the same room with one of his Aides. Is it true? That is what we should interrogate first. That is what all Ghanaians want to know. Explanations can come later. For now the question is : “Did the President sleep in the same room with another male?” This is the question we expect the President to answer himself. This is a personal matter, no officialdom, please. We don’t need any Okudzeto to”ablakwanise” or Baba to “jamalize the issue. Let the President answer the question himself. T he NDC has been touting the “impeccable” credentials of the President. They can do so to the highest heavens, for all I care. To me, the President has proved by his acts and inaction, that he is the greatest hypocrite in the country today. He secretly exhorts his uncouth ministers and appointees to insult their elders, mostly from members of the opposition and then turn round to publicly condemn politics of insults. What action has he taken against any of such appointees who went against his admonishing that people should not insult their political opponents? I once gave an instance of the Nigerian President who ordered the suspension of a Director in his campaign team for insulting General Mohamadu Buhari, the President’s political opponents. That is what we call good leadership, something that is lacking in our President.

So let nobody talk of President Mills being a man of integrity, for he has shown by all intents and purposes that he is not. A president who professes to be a devout Christian but wears a juju ring. A President who prefers a juju ring to his wedding ring cannot obviously claim to be following the teachings and doctrines of Jesus Christ. You may choose to call me all sorts of names, but as far as I am concerned, I shall continue to shout loud and clear for all who care to listen this our “dzi wo fie asem” President is not as clean as his “chopocratic” adherents want to portray him to Ghanaians and the outside world. But the President will have to tell Ghanaians whether he is or has been sleeping in the same room with one of his Aides. Intimidations cannot silence us on this matter. It is after he has given us the answer that other questions will follow. For now, the question is: “Mr. President did you per chance sleep in the same room with any of your Male Appointees?

We pause for an answer!!

Daniel Danquah Damptey (Damptey_daniel@yahoo.com) 0243715297(dddanquah@gmail.com)

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

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