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Most Ghanaians only come here for money, not for knowledge - UK-based Ghanaian student

A UK-based Ghanaian student, Godfred Bonah, has stated that when Ghanaians travel abroad, they often go in search of money forgetting that acquiring knowledge transforms into more wealth.

The Opoku Ware alumnus made this statement on ‘Daily Hustle in the UK’ with DJ Nyaami suggesting that Ghanaians should focus on expanding their knowledge and skills to better the country as well.

“We come for money and not knowledge. That's the difference between Ghanaians and Indians. A Ghanaian knows one pound is GHC8 so they focus on jobs. But we forget that it's what you invest in yourself that brings the money. You don't have to go chasing money but education,” he said on SVTV Africa.

Godfred added that his mission in Liverpool is to acquire knowledge and the requisite skills to help develop his motherland.

“Initially, I wanted to go back after school but honestly the opportunities here are enormous. I can't just go back to Ghana with theory so I need to get the experience first,” he added.

Godfred is currently in Liverpool studying for a masters degree in engineering.

He completed the Kwame Nkrumah Science and Technology in 2020. Soon after, he applied for a scholarship and got the opportunity to study in the UK.

Kindly watch the full interview below:

Source: SVTV Africa, Contributor
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