General News Thu, 8 Apr 2021

Mother shares why she regrets giving birth to her child

A Ghanaian mother of two who prefers for her identity to remain unknown has expressed her remorse for keeping her first child even though she was asked by her husband to abort the baby.

According to her, the father of the child asked for them to abort the baby when she found out she was pregnant but she declined his request and still went on to keep the child.

Talking to Rev Nyansa Boakwa on Happy 98.9 FM’s Boneka Edition of NsemPii she said, “Honestly, I regret giving birth to this child because ever since his birth all I do is complain and talk about everything he does”.

She mentioned that sometimes she wishes to turn back the hands of time just so she can get the chance to abort the baby when she was asked to.

“Sometimes I just sit and wonder why I did not abort him immediately when his father suggested that I should and now I really regret not doing it”.

Rev Nyansa advised her to change her mindset as it is a very wrong thought for her to make especially as a mother but rather have patience for the child and train the child to be who she wants the child to be because, “male children being stubborn at a young age is quite normal and it is solely up to you as the mother to have patience, draw him closer and teach him the do’s and don’ts. Regrets now will not solve the situation but rather, find an appropriate way to handle the situation”.
Source: Happy 98.9FM