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Musah Superior to push for NPP National Welfare Fund

A leading member and General Secretary hopeful of the New Patriotic Party, Musah Superior has indicated when elected as General Secretary, he will propose to the National Steering Committee of the Party for the establishment of a National Welfare Fund (NWF).

He said it was “absolutely necessary” for the establishment of the fund to support “our party people who require support in medical bills, education and others”.

Musah Superior announced this in several constituencies of the Volta Region during his three day campaign tour over the weekend

He said, it was not right that, “we don’t have a fund dedicated to supporting our Party people in the local constituencies”. The General Secretary hopeful is proposing that, the NPP should start with a Ghc 1000,000 welfare fund. He explained that every constituency should have a separate welfare Bank Account.

“When we raise the Ghc 1000,000.00, and divide it by 275 constituencies, each constituency will receive Ghc 3500 as the seed money to open the account”. He said the Party will then instruct all government appointees, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Chief Executives, Deputy Chief Executives, Ambassadors and their deputies and MMDCEs to make a monthly contribution into the National Welfare Fund.

"This, he said will be divided and paid directly into the Welfare Account of all the constituencies. He said, “every appointee will be happy to make such a contribution to support distressed, sick Party people. That is how we build a Party.”

Musah Superior told the delegate to vote for him massively to find the “lost spirit” of the Party.

He said the revival of the Party is critical for the campaign leading to the 2024 elections. He called for a change of direction insisting that the Party requires a new General Secretary with new energy and fresh ideas for the battle ahead.

Musah Superior criticized the current leadership of the Party for not doing enough to empower the Party constituency officers. He assured the Party members that he stands for their interest and called for “brand new engine for our Party”. He said, he will run the Party similarly to what he described as “Dan Botwe/Lord Commey model”.

The former Mayor of Tamale who is currently a Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Forestry Commission toured 11 out of the 18 constituencies in the Volta Region.

He campaigned in Ho Central, North Dayi, South Dayi, Afadzato, Hohoe, Kpando, Central Tongu, South Tongu, Akatsi South, Adaklu and Keta constituencies.

Musah Superior was massively endorsed by the delegates in all the constituencies and was encouraged to reach out widely with his messages. In almost all the constituencies, the former boss of Tamale received a standing ovation after his presentation.

The various delegates and journalists engaged were mesmerized in appreciation to the incoming Chief Scribe’s thought provoking presentation and analysis.
Source: www.etvghana.com
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