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My death will be blamed on an anti-armed robbery operation - Barker-Vormawor predicts

Oliver Mawuse Barker-Vormawor is one of the conveners for #FixTheCountry Movement

Thu, 19 May 2022 Source:

Barker-Vormawor laments lack of finality to some killings in Ghana

Barker-Vormawor accuse police of shooting Albert Donkor

Police restore clam in Nkoranza

One of the conveners of pressure group, #FixTheCountry Movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, has said that his death will be blamed on an anti-robbery operation by security forces even if he is killed.

His comment comes on the back of accusations leveled against the Police in Nkoranza, that they deliberately killed a trader, Albert Donkor, and pinned it on him getting shot during an anti-robbery operation.

In a post on his social media timeline, Barker-Vormawor who has in recent times had a brush with the law over his coup comment and 'careless driving' indicated that same fate awaited him should he be killed.

“The day our security forces finally kill me. They will say it was an anti armed robbery operation. The media will report it as “an armed robbery suspect has dead (die) while assisting investigations,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Earlier, the activist had chronicled a series of deaths including the Ejura killings, murder of Major Mahama, the kidnapped Taadi girls amongst others to buttress his point that lives were not valued in Ghana.

“What value do we place on Ghanaian lives? THAT IS THE GENESIS OF OUR PROBLEMS. NOT OUR ATTITUDES. GHANAIAN LIVES DO NOT MATTER TO US!,” his post concluded.

In a separate post, Barker-Vormawor quizzed that, “if our deaths are meaningless to them, how much more our hunger and our poverty?”.

Meanwhile, the police in a statement has assured that calm has returned to the Nkoranza township.

It also stated that there has been increased police presence to maintain law and order after the youth clashed with the police leading to some deaths and injuries to protesters.


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