My goal was to build a better house for my mother and not to wear expensive outfits - Kuami Eugene

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Fri, 18 Nov 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kuami Eugene has reiterated the struggles he had to endure at the onset of his career leading him to make some of the toughest yet best decisions of his life.

According to the 2020 VGMA Ariste of the Year, he had to put on hold buying expensive outfits and rather focus on saving money that could rent a better apartment for his mother and siblings who were in financial difficulty a few years ago as a breadwinner.

The celebrated singer in a Twitter Space with Sincerely Accra Podcast on November 17 indicated that he felt heartbroken when the masses mocked him for his poor fashion sense.

Kuami Eugene explained that he had to limit his spending because of his dream of building his mother a house and also catering for his family whom he explained were not wealthy like the parents of his label mates.

"When I came to Lynx Entertainment, trust me, I actually had nothing. My parents didn't have money and you can't compare me to some artiste I came with because they were living in their parent's house. My mum, my dad, my siblings, and myself were living in a rented apartment. It wasn't okay for all of us.

"The time everybody was talking about my shoes and dress, trust me, I was trying to put things together. The things these other artiste had to go to the boutique to put together, I had to go to Kantamanto... so you can't compare the two of us. People will say these things without knowing my pocket," Eugene disclosed.

The Lynx Entertainment signee who is out with a tune titled 'Single' for the first time opened up about the sacrifices he had to make at the expense of being mocked for wearing 'cheap' outfits that didn't suit his calibre as one of Ghana's biggest musicians.

He added that his aim was to change his family's story and get them a better life and looking back today, there are no regrets as his mum is in a better state.

"The first thing I was thinking of was to find a good place for my mum to stay...I wasn't thinking of what to wear but how to fix my mum's life because the English I am speaking today is because she put me through good education. I had to find somewhere better for her to stay before thinking of putting on a Louis Vuitton or a nice t-shirt that will cost like GH200. It was too much for me back then," said Kuami Eugene.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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