N/R: Heap of garbage pose danger to residents of Kalpoheni

Garbage At Kalphoeni The garbage left uncollected is posing a lot of danger to the residents of Kalpoheni

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Northern Region

A heap of garbage left uncollected at the Kalpoheni community in the Sagnarigu municipality is posing danger to the health of the residents who live around there.

The garbage which has accumulated and left uncollected has started to emanate offensive odour with some of the rubbish been blown back into the nearby houses.

In an interview with the Assemblyman of the area, Musah Nabila, he said when he came to office as an assemblyman, he inquired at the Assembly to find out why the garbage was left uncollected but was told Zoomlion is responsible for its' evacuation.

“I made a follow-up at Zoom Lion and the reason given was that there was a contract between them and the Assembly but the Assembly couldn't fulfil their demands, so they also withdrew from its evacuation."

Mr. Nabila explained that, before the containers are evacuated, the Assembly would have to come into agreement with Zoom Lion, how much they would charge for the evacuation of each container.

He added that out of the 32 containers in the municipality, the Assembly is only able to take care of 12 containers.

Nabila assured the residents that, the Assembly is still committed to making sure the garbage is cleared.

Meanwhile, one of the residents, Madam Damata who spoke to GhanaWeb, lamented bitterly about the situation, adding that, “the garbage is too much for us. Any time the wind blows, it carries the rubbish into our homes, and because of that, I always sweep my compound so I don't fall sick."

Madam Damata said they have complained to the authorities to come and evacuate the garbage, but only during the campaign season that one of the parliamentary candidates, Alhassan Dahamani came and evacuate part of it and left the rest.

Madam Damata has called on the Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly to listen to their cry and ensure the garbage is cleared.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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