NDC, all social democratic parties worldwide facing crisis – Kwesi Botchwey

Dr Kwesi Botchwey333 Former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning , Professor Kwesi Botchwey

Sun, 1 Aug 2021 Source: 3news.com

A former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning under the Rawlings administration, Professor Kwesi Botchwey has noted that all social-democratic political parties around the world including his party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are currently facing crisis.

He said these parties are increasingly being marginalized in their respective countries because they haven’t been in power for a long time.

He said these at a forum organized by the Development Challenge, on Friday, July 30.

Asked what the NDC can do at the moment in order to drive issues that matter to Ghanaians to the forefront of discussions in the media he said “This goes beyond the political parties but yes, the political parties are the main instruments for democratic practices so the NDC and all parties have a responsibility.

“In the end, they should be able to influence not just the narrative but policymaking in our development through canvassing and participating elections, winning power, getting to parliament, they are able to influence the passing of laws, legislations and keep government on their toes. This is by all political parties.

“But if you ask me about what the NDC can and should do, not just to influence the narrative, but to help set the right policies and help the implementation.

“The party itself must have clear objectives and must have the discipline to ensure that its participation in parliament is effective. It must itself have its own policy agenda that defines it.”

He added “The NDC as I understand it and as I have always understood it is a left or centre party, it is a social-democratic party.

“Now, there is something happening and we need to understand that globally, all left or centre parties, all social-democratic political parties the world over are in difficulties, they are increasingly being marginalized.

“If you take the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, it has not been in power for a long time, In Germany, the NDP has not been in power for very long time, so it is a global phenomenon.

“It is in part, the result of the demographic and other social changes that are taking place.”

Source: 3news.com
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