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NDC manifesto full of hope – Alabi

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Campaign Manager for the 2020 elections, Professor Joshua Alabi has described the 2020 NDC manifesto as a beacon of hope for Ghanaians.

He indicated that the “People’s Manifesto” is centred on the well-being of Ghanaians in various sectors.

Speaking to Class FM’s Nana Yaw Adwenpa in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, 9 September 2020, Prof Alabi cited various campaign promises in the NDC manifesto that are beneficial to Ghanaians in the various sectors.

“When you go through our manifesto, you will see a lot of hope there. People lost their money. Now within one year, we're going to pay them back and whatever they want to use the money for; to invest and reinvest, they can do that and move on in life. There’s hope there. On the investment, depending on the type, you are given some task relief. There’s hope there,” he said.

He continued: “There’s hope for graduates who have finished university from the Big Push where we are going to inject $10 billion into employment generation investments, so there’s hope there. There's hope for those who are not able to make it to the universities and they want to develop their skills to go into vocational training. The cost will be taken up by government. There's hope for those who want to go to technical university to do their d-tech and m-tech and it will also be free. There's hope for persons with disabilities who want to go to university. They have scholarships up to tertiary level - free. There's hope there."

“There's hope for sportsmen who cannot make a living because their clubs are not well-resourced and cannot be paid well and for the matter, the government is going to come out with a fund to assist them with salaries and also to develop lesser-known sports. There's hope there. There's hope for the young ladies who are working, initially, they had three months maternity leave and now they are going to be given four months and fathers one week to assist to take care of them for few days, there's hope there,” he added.

Prof Alabi also noted that the NDC Manifesto provides better opportunities for young people interested in pursuing law, adding that “there is hope all over” because the ‘Okada’ man and the Abossey Okai automotive parts dealers are not left.

Prof. Alabi, therefore, encouraged Ghanaians to pay attention to what the NDC 2020 Manifesto has to offer and vote for John Mahama.

Source: classfmonline.com
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