Opinions Mon, 1 Sep 2008

NDC's Powerful John Trinity

I am more than convinced, and there is ample evidence to back my conviction, that anytime the NPP makes it its business to try and make mockery of anything the NDC does, it is because the NPP is hurting badly from the powerful and effective nature of the actions of the NDC.

When Professor Mills introduced onto Ghana’s political landscape, his house-to-house retail campaign style, the NPP spent lots of its time criticizing that style of campaigning.

The NPP tried very hard to laugh at Professor Mills, hoping that the good Professor will listen to their jeers and stop his retail campaigning.

The learned and focused Professor ignored the taunts of the NPP and today, the likes of Mac Manu are telling their supporters to go from room-to-room and campaign for the party.

If the house-to-house was not effective, why would Mac Manu be asking his party people to go from room-to-room? Except that no serious-minded Ghanaian will allow wee and cocaine addicts to enter their rooms.

For good reason, Professor Mills selected his running mate some months ago so that Hon John Mahama can hit the ground in good time and complement the efforts of his boss.


For more than 15 months, Professor Mills alone dug his feet in and solidly worked the ground for the NDC and at the time he chose his running mate, Professor Mills thought the time was ripe to get Hon John Mahama on board.

John Mahama has not disappointed at all, as he has been touring the country and drawing the crowds to listen to the Better Ghana agenda of the NDC.

John has his strengths, and the NDC is benefiting from those strengths.

Realising the effectiveness of John Mahama’s moves, the NPP started saying that John Mahama has taken over the campaign and that Professor Mills had ceded his position as flagbeaer to John Mahama.

The likes of, Ohene Ntow, Lord Commey, and Asamoah Boateng keep shouting all over the place asking why John should be campaigning on his own and not following Professor Mills around like some poodle.

Of course, the NDC has not paid attention to the noise that the NPP has been making and so Professor Mills and John Mahama are still operating on their own strengths.


Akufo-Addo has chosen baby face “dada ba” Bawumia as his running mate and the NPP can make him follow Akufo-Addo around like a poodle. That is their own wahala. Besides, now that baby face “dada ba” political neophyte Bawumia is up north with the likes of, Jake, Aparaku, Osarfo Marfo, and co deserting Akufo-Addo and following the baby face, would I be wrong in saying that unmarketable Akufo-Addo has allowed baby face Bawumia to take over as the flagbearer of the NPP?

Again, when the NPP got wind of the fact that President Rawlings was going to spearhead another campaign team, they started making noise saying that they don’t know who the flagbearer of the NDC is.

The educated illiterates that they are, Ohene Ntow and his mob of kangaroos have suddenly lost their brains and so cannot tell that Professor Mills is the flagbearer of the NDC.

Obviously, their morbid fear of the magnetic nature of President Rawlings, is the reason behind all the dirty propaganda of not knowing who the flagbearer of the NDC is.

Of course, the NDC once again ignored the nonsense of the NPP and has gone ahead to plunge President Rawlings deep into the campaign.

President Rawlings “maiden” trip to the Brong Ahafo Region was a huge success and the NPP is pissing in its pants.


The NDC has three powerful Johns; John Evans Atta Mills, John Dramani Mahama, and Jerry John Rawlings and they form a very powerful trinity around which the NDC’s campaign is revolving.

The NDC has the men and the men are being put to good use.

The NPP does not have the men, so they follow Akufo-Addo in a beeline like the way ducklings follow mother ducks and are engaged in “dabu dabu” politics.

The NDC is confident of itself and so has adopted a three pronged approach being led by the Johns.

The NDC has a very powerful John trinity and no amount of vile propaganda from the Ohene Ntows and Lord Commeys shall stop John Mills, John Mahama and John Rawlings from moving in different directions selling the message of a Better Ghana.

Go Johns go, for you are the ones who will secure victory for the NDC.

The NDC is miles ahead of the pack; the NPP is most certainly playing a catch-up game; and I, Nana Biakoye, am very happy that Akufo-Addo will continue to be behind Professor Atta Mills, and will never cross the line in order for him to move Ghana “forward” into, cocaine, wee, looting of the state coffers, raping of the nation’s resources, sexual immorality, crime, etc, and for him to make the sins of biblical Sodom and Gomorrah pale into insignificance.

Atta Mills all the way!!!

Nana Biakoye

Columnist: Biakoye, Nana