NITA to host maiden ICT stakeholders forum

NITA AG .jpeg David Gyewu Ag Director General, National Information Technology Agency(NITA)

Thu, 11 Apr 2019 Source: NITA

The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) pursuant to the Electronic Transaction Act(772) Section88(1) and 88(7) is mandated to establish an Industry Forum which shall be a platform to bring the industry players together from time to time to discuss issues of common interest that relate to the Industry.

The Forum under the Theme "The New NITA" is expected to bring over 500 stakeholders together to have a cursory look at the ICT Industry in the perspective of the Government vision to make Ghana an ICT hub in West Africa through National Information Technology Agency and other related institutions.

The forum scheduled to take place at Alisa Hotel in Accra on Monday , April 15, 2019 is to serve as a gathering for all stakeholders especially those in the ICT industry and the Agency development partners to deliberate on matters of common interest that relate to the industry.

The activities in the forum are Updates on Changes and Re-engineering of National Information Technology Agency, Short Presentations (Government Digitization Efforts: The role of Industry Players); Stakeholder Discussion on NITA Regulations, Inspection, Compliance, and how to Structure Industry Groupings.

Among the key objectives of the forum are , To create a platform for National Information Technology Agency(NITA) to engage with Chief Information Officers and private partners to keep them abreast of the directions and plans of the government in the area of ICT, To serve as a medium for National Information Technology Agency(NITA) to disseminate information to the stakeholders and general public concerning the progress of ICT initiatives, To engage Government Chief Information Officers, Business Executives and Private Sector on Technology issues with respect to their needs, To have a stakeholder’s consultation on proposed Regulations and to Seek to establish grounds for the private sector to set up Associations to be recognized by NITA as mandated by law.

The National Information Technology Agency is hoping to make such forum permanent one that would be held every year so that it will afford Ghanaians the opportunity to know what is going on in the ICT industry and what the government is intending doing to achieve its objective as far as ICT is a concern

Source: NITA