General News Tue, 1 Feb 2000

NPP bemoans Kwame Pianim?s resignation

By A. B. A. Fuseini

THE New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed regret at the resignation of Mr. Kwame Pianim, a former Presidential aspirant of the party.

It stated that the party ?whose historic mission has been the establishment of democracy and respect for human rights and value of law in our country can, unfortunately now no longer count on his contribution to this effort?.

This was contained in a statement issued by the party and signed by the General Secretary Mr. Dan Botwe in Accra yesterday in reaction to Mr. Pianim?s resignation.

In a related development, Mr. Pianim has explained that he resigned from the party in order to attain a more credible position in his bid to play a more active role in the national unity and reconciliation process.


?Even though my quitting the NPP would create more time for me, my family and business, it would also afford me the opportunity to work to build bridges across the political divide and bring about the much-needed national consensus so vital for moving our nation forward?, he stressed.

The former leading NPP member was shedding more light on his dramatic decision to quit the party last week in an exclusive interview in Accra yesterday.

According to Mr. Pianim, his latest action, including the desire to champion national consensus-building stems from his deep-seated conviction that this country having been blessed with substantial human and material resources, urgently needed to do away with the politics of vindictiveness, acrimony and rancour from all sides and pursue one of inclusion that would make each Ghanaian a stakeholder in the fashioning of its destiny.

?We all as a people, have to help President Rawlings and others who may come after him, to reconcile and unite this nation. Politics need not be avenue for us to get at each other and destroy ourselves and our nation as others have very sadly done. We should be able to interact actively across the political divide and work together to fashion out politics and programmes for our collective good ? he stressed.

Mr. Pianim said he would be an eloquent champion of co-operation which he said was a broad based co-operation from all across the political divide to build an enabling political environment that is conducive to the building of national consensus based on the genuine national interest.


?Having achieved this level of stability, competition could then be staged between the various policy alternatives of the parties for the privillage of national leadership in improving the living standards of our people?, he emphasised.

Mr. Pianim stated that he would avail himself of whatever opportunity exists for genuine national reconciliation to contribute in whatever way he can but added that such efforts should steer clear of purely partisan political interests.

He noted that whilst the past must not be forgotten, it was essential that it was used to draw useful lessons that would move the country forward.

In a message to his admirers and rank and file of the party, Mr. Pianim said :?I hope my exit from the NPP would serve as a wake up call for the party to focus on responding to the hopes and aspirations of the millions who look up to NPP for hope as the best alternative. I am grateful to all my supporters and admirers for their immense support and I also wish the NPP well in its endeavours?.

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