NPP gov't bereft of ideas; it's time to kick them out - Bernard Mornah

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Fri, 28 Jan 2022 Source: mynewsgh.com

Convener -Justice 4 Ghana, Bernard Mornah says the Government of Ghana is currently bereft of ideas hence the introduction of the e-levy.

Government of Ghana in its 2022 indicated that it will want to introduce an e-levy to tax mobile transactions.

This move is to raise money to run the country.

But the move by government has faced opposition from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a section of Ghanaians who believe it's a rip off and will visit untold pressure on the citizens.

Speaking on Accra-based 3FM in an interview on the levy, Bernard Mornah who is the Convener for Justice 4 Ghana said the current government is out of ideas and its imperative that they are let off for people ready to govern to come in.

“This government is bereft of ideas and when you have a government that loses its way or become impervious to the suffering of the people that leadership is not worth leading longer and I think that is the stage we’ve gotten to. The government has run out of ideas as to how to manage the economy.

Government of Ghana has been given in excess of 105 billion to start spending. They still want to go and borrow 37 billion to come and add…That is what they have put in the budget not me. So the government already has 105.5 billion, 37 billion they intend to borrow. Since their books are not looking right so to create what they call the fiscal space, they now want to come and tax us so that at least we will be able to raise the tax to debt ratio by 20%”.

Source: mynewsgh.com