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National Cathedral is a partnership between churches and the state - Secretariat

The head of church relations at the national cathedral secretariat, Rev. Ebenezer Sakae Ameyaw, has disclosed that the building of the National Cathedral is a partnership between the state and the churches, not a command from anyone to put up a structure for the churches in this country.

“Ghanaians do not understand what is happening. The National Cathedral is a partnership between churches and the state. The President of the state realized that there is something amiss in the country and decided to put up a structure for God because of what the Lord has done for the country Ghana,” he said.

He added that the churches contributed much to the unity and togetherness of the nation. Looking at the benefits given to other religious groups in the country, Christians haven’t enjoyed such benefits.

“Christians haven’t enjoyed many benefits from the government as most religious groups in the country enjoy, so there was the need to provide something that can converge all Christians together, thus the National Cathedral,” he added.

Rev. Ebenezer stated that although there has been some fundraising for the cathedral, the amount is huge and needs support from the people.

“There has been fundraising towards the building of the cathedral which isn’t enough to build this cathedral. The government has done its part by donating the land and its seed money toward the building. The church, together with the trustees decided to involve the public by raising another fund to support the building of the cathedral. The trustees through the finance minister brought this nation,” he stated.

Rev. Ebenezer also stated that the national cathedral would also serve as a source of income for the country.

To Him,” the national cathedral will serve as a tourist place for people from different countries to tour when it is completed. This will derive funds for the country as well. A nation like Isreal is benefiting from a similar structure,” he stated.

Rev. Ebenezer concluded that they were forced by God to construct the Cathedral, but it is to honour him.

”It is the wish of the government and the Churches to thank God for the protection of the country,” he added

”We are pleading to all Ghanaians to contribute towards the Cathedral, but only if you wish to help the project, you can donate from your own wish.”
Source: rainbowradionline.com
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