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Nawuni flood victims blame NaDMO for failure to support them relocate.

Correspondence from Northen Region

Residents of Nawuni in the Kumbungu District have blamed the National Disaster Management Organization (NaDMO) for failing to support them relocate to a newly acquired area.

Nawuni was one of the communities in the Northern Region which was severely hit by last year's floods, and as a result, suggestions were made that they should be relocated to a safer area.

Speaking to GhanaWeb, the Assemblyman of the area, Alhassan Yussif stated that part of the interventions to the residents was that, NaDMO would support them relocate, which they have failed to do so.

Hon Yussif said he has written to the District NaDMO director to remind him of the support but was blatantly told to redirect the letter to the district Assembly instead.

He revealed that many of the residents whose homes were lost to the floods are still perching with relatives while hoping for support to come so they can relocate to the higher grounds.

Mr Yussif added that even though the land has been released by the chief of Dalung, their main challenge remains the financial support to enable them to put up their structures.

He said after the land was released, they contacted the Assembly to go and survey and plan the area to prevent them from building haphazardly but were later told it involves money which the Assembly doesn't have.

Mr Yussif has appealed to authorities to look into their situation and ensure the needful is done to facilitate the relocation.

In reaction to the above, the District coordinator of Kumbugu, Mahamoud M. Osman admitted that the Assembly has not gone to survey the area but has assured the residents of their preparedness as and when they are ready to move.

Mr Osman hinted that the reason why the residents have not moved is that they think once you say you are relocating them, it means building houses for them to go and occupy, hence reluctant to go and start something on their own.

“Assemble does not have such muscle to put up structures, ours is to let them know that where they are is dangerous and for that matter, they should move to the safest place," he added.

Meanwhile, GhanaWeb's attempts to get the District NaDMO Director to respond to the issues have proven futile.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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