General News Mon, 9 Jan 2006

Nduom Denies Forming Political Party

The Minister of Public Sector Reforms, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, has denied reports that he was about to form a new political party to contest the 2008 elections.

He said reports circulating in a section of the media that he was about to form a new political party were not true but what might have given people that impression was the fact that he had not hidden his frustrations about the lack of a good leadership to manage the affairs of the Convention People? Party (CPP) of which he is a member.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, Dr Nduom stated that the CPP needed a new vibrant leadership to energise it to contest the 2008 elections and to make a strong impact.

?It is time like-minded people come together to decide the present state of affairs of the CPP?, he said.

Asked if he had not made any moves to warrant such reports, Dr Nduom said he had spoken to the Nkrumahist caucus in Parliament made up of CPP and Peoples National Convention (PNC) on the need to come together to decide the future of the party.

?That is as far as I have gone. I have not talked to anybody about forming any new political party?, he explained.


According to Dr Nduom, for now, his role as Public Sector Reform Minister was a very important assignment that he would want to execute well to support the President?s programme.

Dr Nduom, however, said that if by the end of June 2006, the CPP had not gone to congress to elect a new leadership then nobody should be blamed for either forming a new political party or joining another party of one?s choice.

That, he said, would mean the CPP faced collapse to contest the 2008 elections.He said there were many people who wanted to stay in the CPP but they were frustrated about its leadership.

Asked what option he might want to take should the June ultimatum elapse, Dr Nduom said, presently he did not know what to do because, he was focused on his current assignment as a minister to ensure that the Public Sector Reforms succeeded.

He, however, stated that he might quit politics in 2008 if there was no good option.Dr Nduom called on people to leave him alone to enable him to concentrate on his present assignment as a minister in order not to let the President down.

Source: Graphic