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‘Negative’ football people very hard to please - Amanda Clinton

Lawyer and Presidential candidate in the last held Ghana FA Presidential Elections, Amanda Clinton has described football delegates as hard to please and very ‘negative minded’.

Amanda Clinton dared her doubters and took a path no female had ever charted when she vied for the GFA Presidency last year.

Her ambitions suffered a big blow as she bowed out of the race after the first round of voting without securing a single vote.

6 months after the experience, the legal practitioner has spoken to Joy News about her observation of the football fraternity especially since Kurt E.S. Okraku took over as GFA president.

She reckons that football people are difficult to please and Kurt Okraku has a job on his hands.

“It’s almost as if you can never please them. Like this COVID fund, even if you give them half a million [dollars], I’m sure they would say it wasn’t distributed. They’re very keen to represent the body of Ghana football and to air their grievances but they also have a very negative mind-set.”

Amanda Clinton has also suggested it is out of place to appraise Kurt Okraku’s tenure as the helmsman.

“You don’t give people six extra months to give a definite view. You don’t give them a bit of rope in other to either hang themselves or to prove what their style is. Within the GFA in particular it has become almost insipid whereby people criticize Kurt a lot because he brought a lot of his own people in.”

“From another stand point if he felt as if everything he does is going to be leaked and criticized, and he’s not in control then he has to take control to a certain extent. The delegates are quick to criticize and are incredibly negative.”
Source: footballmadeinghana.com
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