Crime & Punishment Tue, 30 Apr 2019

Nigerian kidnapper jailed 18 months

A Magistrate Court in Takoradi has sentenced the Nigerian at the centre of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls case, Samuel Wills, to 18 months’ imprisonment for escaping lawful custody.

He was jailed on Monday morning, DGN Online Western Regional correspondent, Emmanuel Opoku says.

It would be recalled that the Nigerian was charged for three counts from the onset following his arrest.

The charges included escaping lawful custody, causing damage and resisting arrest.

He was however, acquitted and discharged on the last count due to lack of evidence.

Magistrate Michael Ampadu, found him guilty on escaping from lawful custody and causing damage.

The magistrate subsequently sentenced him to 18 months on each of the charges.

He is to serve both counts concurrently.

Source: Dailyguidenetwork.com
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