Nigerian pastor tok why e call di late TB Joshua 'Wizard at Endor'

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Tue, 10 Aug 2021 Source: BBC

Founder of di Household of God International Ministries, Pastor Chris Okotie don sama warning give pipo wey im describe as fake, men of God wey dey give themselves titles wey God no give dem and dey bring confusion to di body of Christ.

Di pastor say God judgment dey come for dem and dia time don dey up. E say im dey warn dem as e warn di founder of di Synagogue Church of All Nations, late Temitope Balogun Joshua, Prophet TB Joshua, 20 years ago.

Di warning e give for inside one 75 minute long video wey e title “di truth about TB Joshua” wey e post for im official Youtube channel di ‘Apokalupsis,’ on Sunday, also explain why im call di late prophet 'Di Wizard at Endor.'

Wetin Pastor Chris Okotie tok about di late televangelist – TB Joshua

Founder of di Household of God international Ministries no dey hide how im feel about di late prophet TB Joshua and im ministry.

Few days afta TB Joshua death, Okotie share one coded message where e refer to a certain 'Wizard at Endor' wey assume di title of 'Emmanuel.'

Although e no mention any name or pesin for dis particular message, but many pipo conclude say na di late TB Joshua im dey refer to.

To clear di air on di mata for di latest video e post about TB Joshua, Okotie say im no dey insult TB Joshua but e call am “Wizard at Endor” because im church dey allegedly “synonymous wit Endor where pipo dey go find miracles, temporary solutions to eternal problems.”

E make im point from 1Samuel 28 wen Saul go meet di witch for Endor. E explain why im call am di wizard at Endor na because like King Saul pipo dey go visit di synagogue out of desperation.

“That na why I call am di Wizard at Endor, di fake church, di counterfeit church where pipo dey go like King Saul out of desperation.

“Dem no get interest in knowing Jesus and im being crucified, dem no dey interested for doctrines, dem no dey interested for anything wey relate to life and godliness; dem dey look for temporary solutions to eternal problems, immediate gratification; that na why di place be Endor and e be di superintendent of that place, di Wizard at Endor.”

E add join say di source of im power na Lucifer.

Di pastor wey back everything wey e tok wit scriptures also claim say di late cleric wey die for June dey compare himself to Jesus Christ by im name, conduct and spiritual pattern.

“He believe say that God send am to our world to bring reconciliation between God and mankind, exactly di same way God send di Lord Jesus and that na why he carry that name Joshua,” e tok.

E add join say di late synagogue founder “na magician, a sorcerer, wey dey call himself prophet. Notice e no dey call himself apostle, teacher, pastor because if e call himself by any other name outside of prophet, e no go fulfill di pattern. So, e must stick wit that style. e must call himself prophet so, so and so… So, e be magician wey claim to be prophet but e be false prophet.”

'TB Joshua na man of di pipo'

Despite Pastor Okotie criticism and di perception di Christian body for Nigeria get about am, many pipo all ova di world describe di late Synagogue founder as a true man of God.

Di Televangelist death on June 5 at di age of 57 come as rude shock to many pipo. Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, some world leaders and plenty Nigerians sympathise wit di family and how im death go be great loss to di world. Dem tok about im good works, im philanthropic efforts and how e take impact di lives of thousands of pipo positively.

Late TB Joshua burial attract important dignitaries and thousands of pipo from all ova di world wey come pay dia last respect to “di man at di Synagogue.”

Source: BBC
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