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No African team will go to the next round - Serbian witch-doctor predicts

Following Kwaku Bonsam's hoax-eruption days back when the Ghanaian witch-doctor took responsibility for Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo's injuries, another soothsayer in the circle somewhere has sprung up with numerous predictions prior to the World Cup kicking-off late yesterday.

Mancho Kalashenkiov, popularly known for his foretelling of Malaysia's missing plane, the Serb has predicted some events which are ostensibly utter-mind-blowers.

The spiritualist has said all Africa's representatives in Brazil will suffer group stage exit amongst many other audacious predictions.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo will not score a single goal.


  3. Brazil will exit in semi-finals.

  4. No African team will go to the next round.

  5. European team will win the cup for the second successive time.

  6. Neymar will get a red card.

  7. Messi will shine only to be injured later.


  9. Violence will breakout in Rio de Janeiro killing people.

  10. Diego Costa will not play more than thirty-three (33) minutes in Brazil.

  11. France will play dismally like they did in 2010.

  12. Top goal-scorer will score five (5) goals.

Indeed the proliferation of spiritualists taking football to another level raises some amount of concern from all and sundry.

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