Nogokpo can fix everything except helping clients find life partners - Lady claims

Sun, 21 Mar 2021 Source: browngh.com

Nogokpo Shrine is regarded as Ghana's most powerful deity that evokes fear and leaves many skins crawling with shivers at the mention of the name.

Nogokpo is a small village in the Volta Region of Ghana and despite the mystery surrounding the town, it's one of the most peaceful places to live in the country.

Although it's a peaceful town, one cannot access the township freely because there are areas that individuals are not permitted to access wearing either shoes or sandals.

It is said that the many who visit the famous shrine, go there to seek spiritual justice from the gods of Nogokpo because they claim the wheels of the legal justice system grinds slowly.

A lady identified as Abigail who hails from Agbozume in Nogokpo township has revealed secrets about the most feared and powerful shrine in Ghana.

According to the 'Agbele Karo'(Cassava Croquettes) seller, Nogokpo is not an unjust deity as it is speculated but the deity punishes only wrongdoers and fights for the unfairly treated individuals.

"Nogokpo is not only known for Juju. Nogokpo does whatever is requested from the deity by people. If you have a problem and you go to the shrine, it will be solved for you." Abigail told First Lady in an interview with Browngh.com.

However, the lady revealed a top secret of the most powerful shrine as she disclosed that Nogokopo cannot help a woman find a husband or a man find a wife.

She indicated Nogokpo can do other things but helping people get married is out of the numerous attributes the deity boasts of.

"Nogokpo cannot find a husband for a woman. That is the only thing the deity cannot do. The shrine can do other things like when someone steals and is brought to the deity or when someone is accused wrongly by another person, Nogokpo can find justice for the person," she added.

The lady added that although she knows the potency of the shrine, she has never sought help from Nogokpo before.

Source: browngh.com