Nominations open for GhanaWeb Excellence Awards 2022; here’s all you need to know

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Wed, 22 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Organisers of GhanaWeb Excellence Awards are receiving nominations for the second edition of the prestigious scheme after a successful launch, Wednesday.

The awards ceremony was duly launched by Editor-in-Chief at AfricaWeb, Ismail Akwei.

Dubbed ‘The Youth Edition’ and themed ‘The Future is Now’, this year’s is highly youth-centred on rewarding the youth who have played instrumental roles in various capacities.

The public can nominate by visiting the portal https://www.ghanawebexcellenceawards.com. Nominations are unlimited and would be closed on July 31, 2022.

Persons nominated for the awards must be from age 15 to age 35.

The GhanaWeb Excellence Awards is an annual people’s choice award scheme launched to offer GhanaWeb audiences and the general public the opportunity to recognise outstanding Ghanaians who have helped in the development of the country.

This is the first-ever audience-powered award scheme organised by an online media platform in Ghana to celebrate role models and future leaders who would inspire Ghanaian communities and make the country a better place to live in.

The GhanaWeb Excellence Awards has 17 categories covering all facets of the Ghanaian society.

Below are the various categories and their respective definitions.

1. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Agriculture

This category is for successful youth entrepreneurs engaged in Agriculture and Agrobusiness

2. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Information Technology

Exemplary youth working in the digital space qualify for nominations in this category

3. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Sports

This category is for Talented youth excelling in any competitive sport be it football, athletics, boxing, hockey, and the likes

4. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Women Advocacy

Impactful youth-promoting women's empowerment and rights. Both men and women qualify for nominations in this category

5. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Fashion

You can nominate any Influential youth excelling in the fashion industry for this category

6. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Music, Drama and Dance

For this category any Talented youth excelling in the music, drama and dance industry can be nominated

7. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Media and Communication

This category is for Impactful youth excelling in the media and communication industry

8. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Health

Distinguished youth improving lives in the healthcare industry.Note that for this category doctors, nurses, non-professional healthcare workers or even advocates of health issues can be nominated

9. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Education

Inspirational youth engaged in teaching and education advocacy can be nominated for this category. Also like the health category, both teaching and non-teaching staff as well as advocates can be nominated

10. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Leadership

Inspirational youth showing commitment to development in society, organisation or any institution can be nominated for this category

11. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Entrepreneurship

Those eligible for this category are Successful youth entrepreneurs running a scalable business

12. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Science and Engineering

Exemplary youth playing an active role in science and engineering qualify for this category

13. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Visual Arts

Talented youth in painting, digital art, design, sculptures etc. qualify for nominations in this category

14. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in the Diaspora

This category is for Inspirational youth in the diaspora promoting Ghana's culture

15. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Peace and Diplomacy

Impactful youth advocating for peace in Ghana can be nominated for this award

16. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence in Innovation

Successful youth demonstrating innovative ideas, products or services qualify for nominations in this category

17. GhanaWeb Youth Excellence Award

This is a Special Award that will be presented to a Distinguished Youth Organisation and there’ll be no nominations for this.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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