Nothing wrong with what Lord Commey said, let’s focus on 'Do Or Die' - NDC man

Sun, 17 Oct 2021 Source: rainbowradioonline.com

A former Deputy Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mahdi Gibril has responded to comments made by Lord Oblitey Commey, the Director of Operations at the presidency.

Mr. Comment has made headlines following comments he made at a delegates conference held by the NPP in Accra this week.

The politician in his comments noted that the NPP should be thinking about how to sustain the power they have today instead of thinking of breaking the 8-year jinx.

He opined that power when not well sustained could slip through your hands and as NPP, they have to do everything within their power to sustain the power they wield today.

For him, he was not prepared to hand over power to the NDC and urged the NPP to work hard to make that happen.

He has been slammed by several persons including some members of the NDC.

However, Mahdi Gibril believes what Lord Commey said was nothing that any serious politician wouldn’t say.

He was of the view that the NDC must rather focus on how to win power in 2024 because they will not get it on a silver platter.

He wants the NDC to focus on rather sharing issues relating to the party on social than doubt that of the NPP.

Read his statement below

What did Lord Commey say at all that no serious political actor has not said before in power? Are we expecting Lord Commey or any leading member of the NPP to say they will lose and handover power to the NDC just like that?

Do we think our 2024 victory will be served on glass plates to us? We will be joking. We should just stay focus on the practical meaning of the Do Or Do mindset, do things differently and work on electing into office strategic, hardworking and loyal executives as we say no to populist and lazy position Buyer’s and see if the “nonsense” of the NPP that they will not lose and handover power to the NDC in 2024 will materialize.

In any case why do we always find interest in sharing NPP stuffs on social media at the expense of our good messages?

For me what the NPP does or says is my back case.

We have 2024 elections to Win.


“The Sun Shall Rise Again”

Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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