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Now is not the right time for political prophecies - Pastor admonishes

Despite the recent Presidential election being a little bit over three months past and the next being almost four years away, Ghanaians seem to be more eager to fully enter into a political mode to determine who becomes the president of Ghana.

Amongst the many things building up expectations for the election in 2024 is who becomes flagbearer for the two biggest political parties and the processes that will lead to that.

Amidst all this, the head pastor of God is in Control Prayer Ministry, Prophet Benjamin Nana Osei Tutu has admonished pastors to as much as possible stay away from making prophecies about the election as the days are too early for such.

Speaking in an interview with Oman Channel, Prophet 99 as he is popularly referred to averred that there is the need for the nation and pastors specifically to focus on helping the president in prayers and making sure the nation is governed in the right direction.

"For all the pressures that is being exerted on the President from his MPs and ministers, he does not have a concentrated mind. The opposition party on the other hand are also praying for his downfall so that they can use it to campaign against him. So this is the time we all have to pray for the man (President) so that what he has in him can manifest. We must all pray for President Nana Addo and let him know of the realities on the ground so he can work to fix things," he said.

According to Prophet Osei Tutu, the are pertinent problems in the country which includes the high cost of import duties that needs to be looked at to save the business.

On the other hand, however, Prophet 99 advised the president to abdicate the presidency for vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia ahead of the next election as it will be the only way the New Patriotic Party can stop the second coming of former President John Dramani Mahama to the presidency.

He stated that whiles Dr Bawumia and any other NPP candidate for that matter will not have a chance against Mahama in the next election, the president giving up his seat months or a year to the election will help tilt the prospects in favour of the NPP come December 7, 2024, when Ghana elects a new president.

"What I see is Bawumia cannot win in the general election. Because from all angles Mahama has the seat.

If only they will go by my advice then even though Mahama stands a chance of winning the seat, things will tilt in their favour...... if the NPP likes or would listen to me, Nana-Addo should resign and give the seat to Bawumia about a year of six months before they go for their primaries.

Bawumia cannot win if the president does not resign ahead of the election. If he does that it will be interesting between Bawumia and Mahama, two northeners. If he doesn't resign Bawumia cannot win. Mahama will win totally buy if the NPP will listen to me he will win," he stated.

watch the interview below:

Source: Alex kyerematen, Contributor