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Nowhere to dispose of refuse - Royal Waste CEO

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Royal Waste Management, Dr Edward Asadu, says there is no landfill site for waste management companies to dispose of refuse collected across the country.

Speaking on the “Fabewoso” segment of Adom FM’s morning show,“Dwaso Nsem” on Wednesday, he indicated that all efforts to empty his garbage trucks for a week now have proved futile.

“A lot of containers around are filled up. There is nowhere to dump refuse. All my garbage trucks are full. We shouldn’t wait to be sick before we find ways to end this”, he said.

According to Dr Asadu, he cannot fathom why the Sanitation ministry will deliberately ignore such delicate matters, especially when they put the health of citizens at risk.

“It is sad because our customers are complaining. We don’t know what is wrong with our big men but I think it’s deliberate. A lot of countries such as Rwanda have been able to tackle it so why can’t we…” he asked rhetorically.

Asked if he has queried the managers at the solid waste treatment facilities regarding the situation, he said: “They claim there is no fuel to work at the landfill site; They don’t have money to buy them. The Sanitation minister is who we would blame. We don’t even know who to talk to”.

Dr Edward Asadu urged the government to look at the lucrative side of refuse since it’s a major source of recycling raw materials that can boost the economy of the country.

He also charged the citizenry to change their attitudes since their attitudes constitute the factors making filth engulf the nation.

“The Sanitation ministry should do their work. What are they being paid for? We can recycle our refuse for so many things. Refuse is just equivalent to gold mining but no one listens to technical people like us”, he complained.

Source: adomonline.com
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