Ntow Fianko puts UG Management to test; will authorities validate Nana B’s swearing in?

University Of Ghana Council Management of the University of Ghana

Mon, 27 Dec 2021 Source: universnewsroom.com

Top officials at the University of Ghana are to make a decision as to whether they would recognize Samuel Amos Ofosu as president of the university’s Students Representative Council.

They had earlier cautioned the interim SRC President, Kwame Amo Ntow Fianko, against swearing him into office following an injunction from the court.

However, that counsel was thrown aside.

A ceremony was held on Zoom on Boxing Day and the Chairperson of the SRC Judicial Board, Regina Akpaloo, administered the presidential oath to Samuel Amos Ofosu, popularly known as Nana B.

Samuel Amos Ofosu, who suffered defeat in October’s presidential runoff election, is benefiting from a Judicial Board ruling that annulled the votes of thousands of electorates at the Mensah Sarbah and Akuafo Halls following allegations of electoral irregularities.

It is yet to be seen whether Samuel Amos Ofosu will be recognized by the management of the University as the leader of the undergraduate student front amidst all the controversies.

Kabu Nartey, a University of Ghana Law Students’ representative at the SRC General Assembly, believes that school authorities have not only been put to a test but must now learn to resist the temptation of interfering in student politics.

The test is to see management helping the courts, the Judicial Board and the High Court, to determine the disputes fairly. They can only play a facilitative role and not overindulge.”

“It is not only a test but also a lesson to, as much as possible, not interfere with student leadership and in this case election disputes. As much as possible it must stay neutral, respect students’ institutions, and avoid overly indulging in student affairs especially in politics,” he told UniversNews.

Whilst commending school authorities for sending out a cautionary message to caretaker president Ntow-Fianko, the University of Ghana law student expects the university to “justify some of its decisions such as the setting up of an Adhoc Committee in lieu of a Judicial Board that they claim was not in existence”

“I expect the Counsel to play a buffer role between the feuding parties by reminding the court about the need for expedite determination since the delay affects not only the students but management,” he added.

There are fears that there will be violence on campus if Samuel Amos Ofosu continues to hold himself as president whilst thousands of voters have been disenfranchised.

Executives of the Mensah Sarbah Hall Junior Common Room have declared that it does “not recognize the swearing in of illegitimate persons as President and Vice-President of our sacrosanct SRC.”

“We would want to reiterate that as JCR, we would not be disenfranchised and we would take every means possible, legally and forcefully to register our grievance and right this wrong,” part of a statement signed by the President of the Mensah Sarbah JCR, Daniel Ofori Frimpong, reads.

Whilst this statement connates a preparedness for violent clashes, Daniel Wereko, the SRC Public Relations Officer during the erstwhile Isaac Agyemang-led administration believes that there is no cause for worry.

He says that it is just “natural” for the Sarbah JCR to respond with such a tone as Prince Asumadu, the candidate who suffers from the Judicial Board’s decision, is a resident of the hall.

“Sarbah has no case to be violent. In case they choose to be, against who exactly will they be violent towards?” Daniel Wereko queried.

The political commentator added that “Sarbah’s agitation is not borne out of genuine concern but as a response to their longstanding rivalry with Commonwealth.”

“Let it be on record that Commonwealth Hall’s candidate is Samuel Amos Ofosu. For dominance and relevance sake, both halls have always been fighting for the bragging right and this is one of them,” he continues.

“As far as the case is in court, I do not think they can cause any mayhem. If they do, it’s over to them as they will be subjected to the law,” Daniel Wereko intimated.

Prince Asumadu has since filed a suit against the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Students, Registrar, Electoral Commission, and Regina Apaloo over the matter at the High Court.

He is seeking, amongst others, an injunction on any processes that would see his contender, Samuel Amos Ofosu, sworn into office.

Wisdom Ndukwe, the running mate to Prince Asumadu, has called for calm among his supporters.

He says that the team is hopeful of getting justice from the High Court.

It’s over 12 hours since the swearing in ceremony.

If University authorities approve of the ceremony, Samuel Amos Ofosu will be sworn in as a member of the University of Ghana Council as the SRC is part of its membership.

Source: universnewsroom.com
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