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Nyantakyi can’t be blamed for decision to appoint Vice - Kwabena Yeboah

President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana, Kwabena Yeboah has emphasized that GFA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi cannot be solely blamed for the decision to appoint his own Vice.

The astute sports journalist mentioned that the firmness of Nyantakyi to appoint his own vice president was accepted by the Executive Committee members of the GFA which includes George Afriyie.

“When Kwesi (Nyantakyi) altered the constitution of the FA and decided to appoint his own vice, George was the one who had the nod. I don’t expect George Afriyie today to come and say there’s something wrong with the system.” Yeboah told Luv FM


“He was the first beneficiary of that system. It would have been better if he leaves it for some of us to judge. Kwesi Nyantakyi can’t be blamed because he did it in consultation and endorsement of all of them,”

Nyantakyi is expected to name a new Vice President in the coming weeks following his dismissal of George Afriyie.

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