Obinim reveals how he would appear in the dreams of those insulting him

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 Source: YEN

General overseer of the International God's Way Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has revealed what he will do to those who insult him.

Bishop Daniel Obinim seems worried about the numerous insults directed at him, thus has threatened to take action.

According to the controversial preacher, he will appear in the dreams of those who insult him on social media.

In comments concerning how he is being jabbed often, the preacher expressed frustrations about the development which seemed constant.

Bishop Obinim threatened he will fight back those that insult him by appearing in their dreams at night.

"The more you insult me, the more I love you. Even if you write any bad comment about me I still love you and will reveal myself to you in your dreams either this afternoon or in the night," he warned.

"Go ahead and insult me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more than anyone else, what I can assure you is that I certainly appear in your dreams and there is no doubt about that," he stressed.

It is however surprising that Bishop Obinim is angry about jabs thrown at him since he is known to do same to others.

Meanwhile such utterances by Bishop Obinim that he will appear in people's dreams led some Ghanaians to accuse him of being a magician.

They are of the view that a real man of God will not say he will appear in the dreams of people who insult them.

But Bishop Obinim who is popularly known as Angel Obinim has denied claims that he is a magician.

Speaking on Obinim TV, he explained that he is not a magician, but works miracles for people who come to him.

He added that people pay him visits in order to obtain various desires of their hearts, such as money and marriage.

Meanwhile, a former junior pastor of Bishop Obinim popularly known as Prophet One Blow has dropped a bombshell against his former boss' wife.

Prophet One Blow has revealed how his wife almost went insane after she was wrongly accused and disgraced in front of church members.

According to Prophet One Blow, his wife was mentally affected by the accusation which was led by Florence, the wife of Bishop Obinim.

Source: YEN
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