General News Sun, 28 Oct 2018

OmniBank champions healthy living with health walk

As part of its commitment to promoting healthy living among staff and customers, OmniBank over the weekend embarked on a health walk in Accra.

The five-kilometer walk , which is an annual exercise organized by the bank, saw members of the staff and management walking from the Children’s Park through to High street and other streets in the business enclave.

Some customers of OmniBank Bank joined management and staff to embark on a health walk to promote the importance of exercise in the corporate world.

Managing Director of OmniBank, Philip Oti-Mensah said the health walk is to sensitize and encourage staff and customers on the need to adopt healthy lifestyles.

He indicated that, bankers general go through a lot of stress because we sit for long hours hence the need to exercise to keep the body fit to serve customers well.

“This year has been particular stressful so we want to take advantage of that to sensitive staff about living healthy so that they can live long” he stated.

Mr. Oti Mensah noted that, October was chosen for the walk because it is their customer appreciation month so “we are using the opportunity to say a big thank you to our customers for staying with us”.

“We are know that the perception of Ghanaian own banks is not so good however, we have very loyal customers who have stayed with us and this is why we are still alive and we owe out existence now to them” he added.

Mr. Oti-Mensah also assured staff of job security ahead of its merger with Sahel Sahara bank.

The consolidation of the two banks is to create a stronger bank that can meet the Bank of Ghana’s new minimum capital requirement of GHS400 million by December this year.

The Omni bank boss said so far, BoG gave a ‘no objection’ response to the merger presentation and hopes for good news in the coming day.

Mr. Oti-Mensah used the opportunity to congratulate the team for the dedication and enthusiasm in executing their various roles and the many incremental strides achieved.

Source: Myjoyonline.com