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Only 11 women have seen my nakedness since I was born - Captain Smart rejects womanizer tag

Captain Smart New New Media personality, Godsbrain Captain Smart

Sun, 15 May 2022 Source:

Captain Smart rejects ‘agenda’ tag

Captain Smart arrested

Captain Smart urges Ghanaian youth to stand up against bad governance

Media personality, Godsbrain Captain Smart has rebuffed allegations of womanizing levelled against him from certain quarters.

According to Captain Smart, such claims are made by politicians who feel threatened by his campaign for good governance.

Captain Smart says he keeps a very private and low life and has no friend in the media or political space.

Speaking on the KSM show, Captain Smart stated that ever since he was born, only eleven women have seen his nakedness.

He said people spread false stories about him in a bid to sway him from his objective of seeking responsible governance from the country’s political class.

He noted that his presence is a threat to the interest of politicians from both the NPP and NDC hence the vile attacks on his person.

“I don’t have friends. Sometimes I hear stories that I’m a womanizer. Ever since I was born only 11 women have seen my nakedness. If anyone comes to you saying that Captain Smart used to be my boyfriend, sack him.

“If the African old man cannot get you to succumb to their dictates, they begin to throw stones at you. If you don’t stand, they will break you down. I have become a thorn in the flesh of the Ghanaian politician and they can’t handle me. They can never handle me until they do the right thing,” he said.

Captain Smart disclosed further that he has no intentions of using his influence to demand money and other benefits from politicians.

He wants to use his influence to demand for accountability and transparency from leadership.

“My passion is not for cars or houses from politicians. My passion is not for anything. I have a vision with the mission and that is to make sure that I will keep talking until Ghana gets well. I can’t wait to see that one day.

“I have an agenda and the agenda is that years to come, I don’t want to see my hometown chief begging for roads. My agenda is that we should not be parading school going children begging on the streets for food,” he said.

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