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Organizers of 'Kum Yen Preko' are thieves who benefited from state resources - Abronye DC

The chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Baffoe aka Abronye DC has alleged that the organizers of the upcoming ‘Kum yen Preko’ demonstration, the Coalition of Social Justice are thieves.

Describing the intended demonstration as a scam, Abronye DC said the organizers who are members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who are currently worried they unable to steal from the state.

Organizers of the demonstration including Sammy Gyamfi have said that the demonstration is against hardship and oppression in Ghana under the Nana Addo led administration.

They claim that the current president who engineered a similar action in 1995 is presiding over similar incidents under his rule hence the reason for them to march against all these hardships.

But Abronye DC says the NDC and not a real group is organizing the upcoming demonstration.

He opined the demonstrators and members of the NDC were formerly benefiting from state resources for no work done and because they are now in opposition, they have been faced with financial difficulties hence the reason for their claims.

“All their communicators are complaining of hardship and hence the reason for the demonstration. My question here is what work or business were they engaged in during president Mahama’s tenure as president that the NPP has collapsed?

” If they claim the NDC managed the economy better than the NPP is doing now, why is it that, John Mahama could not pay the contractors, teachers, nurses, NHIS service providers, etc….. it is a fact that the Mahama NDC administration spent Ghs 87.5 billion in four years whilst in power. What did they use the money for?”

According to him, the NDC behave as saints in opposition but are worse than Antichrist when they assume power.

He accused former President Mahama of mismanaging the economy, looted and shared with his friends, cronies and other associates through the award of fraudulent contracts.
Source: rainbowradioonline.com
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