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Our children will become slaves in the next 10 years – Ayariga claims

Hassan Ayariga says Ghanaian children will become slaves in future

• This is because the government has used the country's assets as collateral for loans

• He also said a white man could be the next president of Ghana

Founder of All People’s Party (APC), Hassan Ayariga has projected that in the next years, the future generation of Ghana will be in slavery.

He attributed this to the invasion of foreigners in all sectors of the country, especially mining in recent times.

He also noted that the lending of huge sums of monies to the government is a way to take over the nation.

Hassan Ayariga explained that these foreigners know perfectly well that the government cannot settle its debts, hence, the reason they request for the use of assets as collateral. A way to own the properties of the nation and to rule over its citizenry.

Speaking on GhanaWeb TV's Lowdown programme, the politician said, "In the next 10 years, our children will become slaves in this country because we don’t have a country. The foreigners are taking over every sector gradually.

"They are giving you loans 10 billion, 5 billion… they know you can’t pay so they are using their assets as collateral, gradually going to grab them in the future to come and you are going to be a slave in your own country," he added.

Hassan Ayariga also said it will be easier for a white man to become the President of Ghana.

He stated that, already, these white men fund the operations of political parties in the country and are cherished more than a black person.

“The only thing we have is the presidency…when there is an appointment for whites and blacks, the white man gets to see the president before the black people…they are sponsoring all the political parties now. If they become so smart for them to finance one theirs to run for the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana, the next person will be a white man,” the politician said on GhanaWeb TV's Lowdown programme.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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