Over 1000 veterinary extension officers to be recruited to support livestock farming - Minister

Veterinary Officer Veterinary Officers121 Government is recruiting 1100 veterinary extension officers

Fri, 21 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Farmer extension officer ratio so bad, Dep. Agric Minister laments

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PFJ yielding positive results, Dep. Agric minister

Deputy Minister for Agriculture Hardi Tufeiru has said government is recruiting more than 1000 veterinary extension officers to support livestock farmers in the country.

He was speaking in an interview with AsaaseNews.

According to him, agriculture minister, Afriyie Akoto, has secured approval from government to recruit extension officers on both crop farms and livestock farms.

“When the President appointed the Agric Minister Hon., Afriyie Akoto, he wanted to understand agricultural systems and management and he saw a big gap in agriculture extension system and management because the farmer and extension officer ratio was so bad to the extent that it was almost not existent. So, he took steps and made a very good case before cabinet for support to enhance it. And cabinet saw wisdom and gave him support to recruit 2700 extension officers”.

“We have extension systems relevant for livestock and getting veterinary doctors is also a big challenge. The gap is over 1000, he made a request again and it was graciously granted. Cabinet have approved for us to 1100 vet doctors this year”.

The deputy minister said government is committed to supporting farmers with technological tools to help them improve productivity and make the country food secure.

He also mentioned that the planting for food and jobs initiative being rolled out by government is yielding positive results and government will continue to support food producers with improved tools like fertilizers.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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