General News Sun, 4 Jul 2010

Parliament Is Useless, MPs Are Criminals – Kofi Wayo

Political maverick ‘Chuck’ Kofi Wayo recovered his acerbic tongue on Republic Day, July 1, directing it at the nation’s political leadership for the nation’s under-development and for failing to champion the cause of the poor.

And he despises parliament altogether, because not only are parliamentarians a bunch of self-seeking individuals, they are also mostly criminals, according to him.

Kofi Wayo was guest of Citi FM’s Point Blank current affairs show, and as usual, touched on nearly every subject under the sun – his life, arms, war, poor justice system, corruption, the economy and business, governance, chieftaincy, the plight of the poor and why too many in Ghana suffer economic deprivation.

Wayo, among others, said Ghana continues to be governed by colonial rules that do not favour the masses but only the elite, and would simply not take it from his host that parliament was responsible for legislating new rules if the existing were not working.


“The parliament itself is a useless place, the people there don’t need to be there, they don’t! They are criminals a lot of them in there. There is a Catherine Afeku there, she has been to court and a judge has found her guilty (and under protests by her host not to malign anybody, Wayo insisted he has documents to prove his claim)… nobody sacks her; a few weeks ago you have this guy, what’s the name, what’s that guy’s name, some MP guy, he got involved in a gold scam; right, so why don’t parliament sack them? Eh, eh, Amoateng, he’s been arrested for cocaine, what has parliament said? Have they thrown him out? He’s been convicted, ha?...the former Speaker (of Parliament) allegedly stole a lot of things, where is he? But Ataa Ayi, what did he steal before he is in jail? The big men don’t go to jail….”.

Wayo maintained that in a country where “we have no water to drink,” no one has any right to buy Pajeros and Land Cruisers with tax payers’ money. “You don’t! We must all sacrifice to build the nation.”

He wants the Mills-led administration, which he described as the most hopeful around on the continent of Africa, to review all business contracts between the government and expatriate firms to ensure that the people derive maximum benefit.

“We must review it because we want to live too. Hey, a Ghanaian wants to have a two bedroom house, just like the Whiteman in America or England have…”.

Source: myjoyonline