Business News Fri, 9 Nov 2018

Pay-TV industry is expensive and challenging - StarTimes COO

Chief Operating Officer (COO) for StarTimes, Felix Ahonzo has stated that the pay-TV industry in Ghana is very expensive and challenging since most of the pay-TV service in the country is running out of business but StarTimes as a pay-TV service is in the country to stay.

According to him, they are receiving support from their parent company in China to be able to carry out the various activities they are doing currently.

‘‘We are confident that with our presence in the market, we have come in to stay. We have seen other people come, we have seen other people go but we are positive that with the kind of support and the content we are offering, we are going to be in this market for a very long time," Mr Ahonzo told the media in an interview.

He added that ‘‘Recently we’ve heard of some of our competitors change the nature of their business because the pay TV is regulated and has a lot of content purchase, an agreement that has to be signed here and there to make sure that you remain relevant to your customers."

Mr Ahonzo noted that StarTimes as a pay-TV company is making its efforts to roll out new contents to ensure that they give their very best to their customers.

‘Adepa and the Challenge’ are some of the new programmes StarTimes is giving to their customers.

“This is to mention to you that indeed when it comes to pay-TV, remaining relevant to the market and continuously investing in new content to ensure that you can keep your customers very very important and that is exactly what StarTimes is doing months after months" he stated.

Mr Ahonzo said StarTimes had to take off some programmes in order to bring in new content just to keep their customers glued to StarTimes. “In pay TV, the number of the number of subscribers that you have is very important and so every subscriber counts and so it beholds on us to listen carefully what customers are saying, looking at their interest and investing in those areas" he stressed.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com