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People without job history joined NDC and amassed wealth – Freddie Blay

Freddie Blay (left) with party scribe, John Boadu

Tue, 31 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Freddie Blay comments on Sir John's alleged ownership of state lands

Freddie Blay accused 'jobless' NDC people of amassing wealth

NPP Chairman says not all NPP supporters are corrupt

National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, NPP, Freddie Blay, has accused some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress, NDC, of amassing wealth when the party was in office.

Blay was reacting to the recent issue of controversies surrounding the Final Will and Testament of the New Patriotic Party's late General Secretary, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John.

He stressed that even though there was the need for a probe as has been launched by agencies of government, it was worth noting that the former NPP scribe had made a living for himself as a lawyer before entering politics.

He took a swipe at unnamed NDC members he said had become rich overnight because of politics.

The former MP for Ellembelle said, “If you want to talk about the NDC … there are people who have never worked in their life who joined the party, and before you realize they have various mansions, flats and several of them, they have never worked in their life."


“Fortunately, [Sir John’s issue] has come out, it is part of our drive to fight corruption, if indeed he acquired them illegally, why not let the axe fall. But on the other hand, don’t make it look like this is a mantra of NPP corruption," he told journalists in the Western Region over the weekend.

On the issue of government lands and how they are acquired by politicians, he submitted: "When you want to talk about sharing government lands from Nkrumah’s days to now, there have been estates, there have been bungalows, lands of which some people have taken in one way or the other, we need to make a law against that, that you go into government you should never buy government lands, and, let us do that now.

“Don’t make it look as if because Sir John has bought lands and so, therefore, all NPP people are crooks and that they have acquired illegally.

“I have a car, does it mean that I went to steal to buy a car, I have a building, maybe even buildings, does it mean that because of that it means I have been a thief as the Party’s chairman and serving on the Board of GNPC?” he asked.

Sir John’s Will dominates media reportage

Sir John's Last Will and Testament has dominated media discussions since its contents were released weeks back. The document showed that he had bequeathed lands located in the Achimota Forest enclave to some beneficiaries.

The outrage also stems from the fact that the disclosures come barely a week after the government issued Executive Instrument 144, declassifying portions of the Forest Reserve.

Government said it was releasing portions of the peripherals of the forest to its custodial owners, the Owoo family of Accra.

Sir John, who also served as a one-time CEO of the Forestry Commission, died two years ago of Coronavirus.

His one-time aide, Charles Owusu has lamented how the deceased is being dragged even in death. According to him, the truth will come out after the Ministry completes its investigations into the matter.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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