General News Mon, 26 Feb 2018

Police Service helpless as armed robbers lay siege on Oyibi, Frafraha

Police in the Oyibi-Frafraha District of the Greater Accra Region have been left helpless as armed robbers have overturned the peace of the area.

Police Commander in charge of the District, Supt Susana Adjei Mensah says she doesn’t have the needed logistics to battle the menace.

“…we do not even have one vehicle in the district. When I came, there was one spoilt car parked around and when I approached Commissioner Adu Poku of the Adentan station and asked him for a pickup, he said they don’t have any vehicle available so I should repair the old one and make do with it. But it broke down again beyond repairs”, Supt. Adjei Mensah told Accra based CITI FM Monday.

She added that the situation has made them have to rely on the emergency patrol team to fight crime, if and when it occurs.

“…but that is not helping because when we call them, it takes them a while before they get here,” she said.


She added that, in the absence of that option, they will have to rely on hers or any other officer’s private car to respond to distress calls from residents.

She also noted that the five stations under her watch which spans from Adentan, Frafraha to almost Dododwa around Mensah Bar and Apolonia City, are lacking men as they are resourced with only a little above 40 officers.

“…we don’t have enough bulletproof vests too,” she added.

Supt. Adjei Mensah was responding to rising cases of armed robbery in her district.

Scores of residents have complained about break-ins into their homes and their hard labor being coffered away sometimes at gunpoint.


“They came into my house, about eight of them entered the room and three of them were on the fence wall while some also stood on the street to put fear into neighbors,” one of the victims said.

Another victim said the hooligans broke into her garage and drove her car away. “…they later used it for a robbery at Kwabenya,” she said.

Some residents said they were hopeful because some persons were arrested but the police commander burst that bubble when she said: “the arrested persons were victims of some robbery that the armed robbers had planted as a distraction.”

Supt. Agyei Mensah declined to speak on the state of their weaponry.

Source: Myjoyonline.com